RRC ID 688
Author Murai K, Miyamae M, Kato H, Takumi S, Ogihara Y.
Title WAP1, a wheat APETALA1 homolog, plays a central role in the phase transition from vegetative to reproductive growth.
Journal Plant Cell Physiol.
Abstract Heading time in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) is determined by three characters: vernalization requirement, photoperiodic sensitivity and narrow-sense earliness, which are involved in the phase transition from vegetative to reproductive growth. We identified and characterized the APETALA1 (AP1)-like MADS box gene in wheat (WAP1) as an activator of phase transition. Its expression starts just before the phase transition and is maintained during the reproductive phase. Inhibition of WAP1 expression in the transgenic plants by co-suppression affected neither vernalization requirement nor photoperiodic sensitivity, but resulted in delayed narrow-sense earliness, indicating that WAP1 accelerates autonomous phase transition. Analyses of the WAP1 expression in the near-isogenic lines (NILs) for spring habit genes (Vrn) revealed that WAP1 transcripts were induced by vernalization strongly in the NILs with Vrn dominant alleles and weakly with the recessive alleles. Furthermore, WAP1 expression was up-regulated by a long photoperiod in both NILs with and those without a photoperiod-insensitive gene (Ppd). These results suggest that WAP1 is a key gene in the regulatory pathway controlling the phase transition from vegetative to reproductive growth in wheat.
Volume 44(12)
Pages 1255-65
Published 2003-12
PMID 14701921
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