RRC ID 70000
Author Kawaguchi A, Nagata K.
Title De novo replication of the influenza virus RNA genome is regulated by DNA replicative helicase, MCM.
Journal EMBO J
Abstract By dissecting and reconstituting a cell-free influenza virus genome replication system, we have purified and identified the minichromosome maintenance (MCM) complex, which is thought to be a DNA replicative helicase, as one of the host factors that regulate the virus genome replication. MCM interacted with the PA subunit of the viral RNA-dependent RNA polymerase that is found to be involved in the replication genetically. The virus genome replication was decreased in MCM2 knockdown cells. The viral polymerase appeared to be a nonproductive complex, that is, it was capable of initiating replication but produced only abortive short RNA chains. MCM stimulated de novo-initiated replication reaction by stabilizing a replication complex during its transition from initiation to elongation. Based on the findings, including the result that the MCM-mediated RNA replication reaction was competed with exogenously added RNA, we propose that MCM functions as a scaffold between the nascent RNA chains and the viral polymerase.
Volume 26(21)
Pages 4566-75
Published 2007-10-31
DOI 10.1038/sj.emboj.7601881
PII 7601881
PMID 17932485
PMC PMC2063485
MeSH Cell-Free System DNA Replication DNA-Directed RNA Polymerases / chemistry DNA-Directed RNA Polymerases / genetics Genome, Viral* Hydrolysis Minichromosome Maintenance 1 Protein / genetics Models, Genetic Nucleic Acid Conformation Orthomyxoviridae / genetics* RNA / chemistry RNA, Viral / genetics* Viral Proteins / chemistry Virus Replication
IF 9.889
DNA material pCAGGS-PB2cFLAG (RDB19457) pCAGGS-NP (RDB19456) pCAGGS-PA (RDB19455) pCAGGS-PB2 (RDB19454) pCAGGS-PB1 (RDB19453)