RRC ID 70266
Author Reyes DY, Yoshikawa H.
Title DnaK chaperone machine and trigger factor are only partially required for normal growth of Bacillus subtilis.
Journal Biosci Biotechnol Biochem
Abstract While dnaK and tig are the essential components for nascent polypeptide folding in E. coli, deletion did not confer synthetic lethality in B. subtilis, suggesting that under normal growth conditions, another system or mechanism with a specific role prevails. Likewise, survival at high temperature suffered dramatically, resulting from deletion of several sets of heat shock genes, thus during sudden stress various heat shock genes act synergistically to protect the proteins.
Volume 66(7)
Pages 1583-6
Published 2002-7-1
DOI 10.1271/bbb.66.1583
PMID 12224648
MeSH Bacillus subtilis / growth & development* Bacillus subtilis / physiology* Escherichia coli / metabolism* Escherichia coli Proteins / metabolism* Gene Deletion HSP70 Heat-Shock Proteins / metabolism* Heat-Shock Proteins / genetics Hot Temperature Molecular Chaperones / physiology* Operon / genetics Peptidylprolyl Isomerase / metabolism* Phenotype Protein Denaturation Protein Folding
IF 1.516
Prokaryotes B. subtilis MBS974 MBS975 MBS976 MBS977 MBS978 MBS979 MBS980 MBS981 MBS982 MBS983