RRC ID 70323
Author Isabella AJ, Barsh GR, Stonick JA, Dubrulle J, Moens CB.
Title Retinoic Acid Organizes the Zebrafish Vagus Motor Topographic Map via Spatiotemporal Coordination of Hgf/Met Signaling.
Journal Dev Cell
Abstract Information flow through neural circuits often requires their organization into topographic maps in which the positions of cell bodies and synaptic targets correspond. To understand how topographic map development is controlled, we examine the mechanism underlying targeting of vagus motor axons to the pharyngeal arches in zebrafish. We reveal that retinoic acid organizes topography by specifying anterior-posterior identity in vagus motor neurons. We then show that chemoattractant signaling between Hgf and Met is required for vagus innervation of the pharyngeal arches. Finally, we find that retinoic acid controls the spatiotemporal dynamics of Hgf/Met signaling to coordinate axon targeting with the developmental progression of the pharyngeal arches and show that experimentally altering the timing of Hgf/Met signaling is sufficient to redirect axon targeting and disrupt the topographic map. These findings establish a mechanism of topographic map development in which the regulation of chemoattractant signaling in space and time guides axon targeting.
Volume 53(3)
Pages 344-357.e5
Published 2020-5-4
DOI 10.1016/j.devcel.2020.03.017
PII S1534-5807(20)30229-X
PMID 32302545
PMC PMC7237105
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