RRC ID 70761
Author Tanaka Y, Furuta M.
Title Biological effects of low-dose γ-ray irradiation on chromosomes and DNA of Drosophila melanogaster.
Journal J Radiat Res
Abstract While the damage to chromosomes and genes induced by high-dose radiation (HDR) has been well researched in many organisms, the effects of low-dose radiation (LDR), defined as a radiation dose of ≤100 mSv, are still being debated. Recent research has suggested that the biological effects of LDR differ from those observed in HDR. To detect the effect of LDR on genes, we selected a gene of Drosophila melanogaster, known as the multiple wing hair (mwh) gene. The hatched heterozygous larvae with genotype mwh/+ were irradiated by γ-rays of a 60Co source. After eclosion, the wing hairs of the heterozygous flies were observed. The area of only one or two mwh cells (small spot) and that of more than three mwh cells (large spot) were counted. The ratio of the two kinds of spots were compared between groups irradiated by different doses including a non-irradiated control group. For the small spot in females, the eruption frequency increased in the groups irradiated with 20-75 mGy, indicating hypersensitivity (HRS) to LDR, while in the groups irradiated with 200 and 300 mGy, the frequency decreased, indicating induced radioresistance (IRR), while in males, 50 and 100 mGy conferred HRS and 75 and 200 mGy conferred IRR. For the large spot in females, 75 mGy conferred HRS and 100-800 mGy conferred IRR. In conclusion, HRS and IRR to LDR was found in Drosophila wing cells by delimiting the dose of γ-rays finely, except in the male large spot.
Volume 62(1)
Pages 1-11
Published 2021-1-1
DOI 10.1093/jrr/rraa108
PII 6027893
PMID 33290547
PMC PMC7779362
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