RRC ID 70829
Author Vedelek V, Kovács AL, Juhász G, Alzyoud E, Sinka R.
Title The tumor suppressor archipelago E3 ligase is required for spermatid differentiation in Drosophila testis.
Journal Sci Rep
Abstract The human orthologue of the tumor suppressor protein FBW7 is encoded by the Drosophila archipelago (ago) gene. Ago is an F-box protein that gives substrate specificity to its SCF ubiquitin ligase complex. It has a central role in multiple biological processes in a tissue-specific manner such as cell proliferation, cellular differentiation, hypoxia-induced gene expression. Here we present a previously unknown tissue-specific role of Ago in spermatid differentiation. We identified a classical mutant of ago which is semi-lethal and male-sterile. During the characterization of ago function in testis, we found that ago plays role in spermatid development, following meiosis. We confirmed spermatogenesis defects by silencing ago by RNAi in testes. The ago mutants show multiple abnormalities in elongating and elongated spermatids, including aberration of the cyst morphology, malformed mitochondrial structures, and individualization defects. Additionally, we determined the subcellular localization of Ago protein with mCherry-Ago transgene in spermatids. Our findings highlight the potential roles of Ago in different cellular processes of spermatogenesis, like spermatid individualization, and regulation of mitochondrial morphology.
Volume 11(1)
Pages 8422
Published 2021-4-19
DOI 10.1038/s41598-021-87656-3
PII 10.1038/s41598-021-87656-3
PMID 33875704
PMC PMC8055871
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IF 3.998
Drosophila DGRC#125656