RRC ID 73747
Author Horikawa K, Yamada Y, Matsuda T, Kobayashi K, Hashimoto M, Matsu-ura T, Miyawaki A, Michikawa T, Mikoshiba K, Nagai T.
Title Spontaneous network activity visualized by ultrasensitive Ca(2+) indicators, yellow Cameleon-Nano.
Journal Nat Methods
Abstract We report ultrasensitive Ca(2+) indicators, yellow cameleon-Nano (YC-Nano), developed by engineering the Ca(2+)-sensing domain of a genetically encoded Ca(2+) indicator, YC2.60 or YC3.60. Their high Ca(2+) affinities (K(d) = 15-140 nM) and large signal change (1,450%) enabled detection of subtle Ca(2+) transients associated with intercellular signaling dynamics and neuronal activity, even in 100,000-cell networks. These indicators will be useful for studying information processing in living multicellular networks.
Volume 7(9)
Pages 729-32
Published 2010-9-1
DOI 10.1038/nmeth.1488
PII nmeth.1488
PMID 20693999
MeSH Animals Calcium / analysis* Calcium / metabolism Dictyostelium Fluorescent Dyes / analysis Fluorescent Dyes / chemistry Indicators and Reagents / analysis Indicators and Reagents / chemistry Mice Molecular Sequence Data Neurons / metabolism Signal Transduction Zebrafish
IF 30.822
DNA material Yellow Cameleon-Nano140/pcDNA3 (RDB19876) Yellow Cameleon-Nano65/pcDNA3 (RDB19877) Yellow Cameleon-Nano50/pcDNA3 (RDB19878) Yellow Cameleon-Nano30/pcDNA3 (RDB19879) Yellow Cameleon-Nano15/pcDNA3 (RDB19880)