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DNA material Yellow Cameleon-Nano140/pcDNA3 (RDB19876) , Yellow Cameleon-Nano65/pcDNA3 (RDB19877) , Yellow Cameleon-Nano50/pcDNA3 (RDB19878) , Yellow Cameleon-Nano30/pcDNA3 (RDB19879) , Yellow Cameleon-Nano15/pcDNA3 (RDB19880) Spontaneous network activity visualized by ultrasensitive Ca(2+) indicators, yellow Cameleon-Nano.
Human and Animal Cells HeLa Genetically Encoded Fluorescence/Bioluminescence Bimodal Indicators for Ca2+ Imaging.
Human and Animal Cells PANC-1(RCB2095) Liraglutide suppresses the metastasis of PANC-1 co-cultured with pancreatic stellate cells through modulating intracellular calcium content.
Zebrafish Tg(huC:GVP) A genetically encoded Ca2+ indicator based on circularly permutated sea anemone red fluorescent protein eqFP578.
Human and Animal Cells 293(RCB1637) Cellular Ca2+-Responding Nanoluciferase Reporter Gene System Directed by Tandemly Repeated Pseudo-palindromic NFAT-Response Elements.
DNA material YC3.60/pcDNA3 (RDB15135) , YC2.12/pCS2 (RDB15132) , YC3.12/pCS2 (RDB15133) , YC3.60pm/pcDNA3 (RDB15137) , YC3.60/pRSETB (RDB15136). Imaging intracellular free Ca2+ concentration using yellow cameleons.
DNA material R-CaMP1.07 (RDB14608) An improved genetically encoded red fluorescent Ca2+ indicator for detecting optically evoked action potentials.
DNA material pN1-G-CaMP (RDB06747) , pN1-G-CaMP1.3 (RDB06748) A high signal-to-noise Ca(2+) probe composed of a single green fluorescent protein.
DNA material pN1-G-CaMP1.6 (RDB06749) Genetically encoded bright Ca2+ probe applicable for dynamic Ca2+ imaging of dendritic spines.