RRC ID 74881
Author Takano S, Shibamoto Y, Wang Z, Kondo T, Hashimoto S, Kawai T, Hiwatashi A.
Title Optimal timing of a γH2AX analysis to predict cellular lethal damage in cultured tumor cell lines after exposure to diagnostic and therapeutic radiation doses.
Journal J Radiat Res
Abstract Phosphorylated H2AX (γH2AX) is a sensitive biomarker of DNA double-strand breaks (DSBs). To assess the adverse effects of low-dose radiation (<50 mGy), γH2AX levels have typically been measured in human lymphocytes within 30 min of computed tomography (CT) examinations. However, in the presence of DSB repair, it remains unclear whether γH2AX levels within 30 min of irradiation completely reflect biological effects. Therefore, we investigated the optimal timing of a γH2AX analysis to predict the cell-surviving fraction (SF). Three tumor cell lines were irradiated at different X-ray doses (10-4000 mGy), and the relationships between SF and relative γH2AX levels were investigated 15 min and 2, 6, 12 and 24 h after irradiation. Data were analyzed for high-dose (0-4000 mGy) and low-dose (0-500 mGy) ranges. Correlations were observed between SF and the relative number of γH2AX foci/nucleus at 12 h only (R2 = 0.68, P = 0.001 after high doses; R2 = 0.37, P = 0.016 after low doses). The relative intensity of γH2AX correlated with SF 15 min to 12 h after high doses and 2 to 12 h after low doses, with the maximum R2 values being observed 2 h after high doses (R2 = 0.89, P < 0.001) and 12 h after low doses (R2 = 0.65, P < 0.001). Collectively, cellular lethal damage in tumor cells was more accurately estimated with residual DSBs 12 h after low-dose (10-500 mGy) irradiation. These results may contribute to determination of the optimal timing of biodosimetric analyses using γH2AX in future studies.
Volume 64(2)
Pages 317-327
Published 2023-3-23
DOI 10.1093/jrr/rrac096
PII 6984806
PMID 36634337
PMC PMC10036098
MeSH Cell Line, Tumor DNA Breaks, Double-Stranded DNA Damage DNA Repair* Dose-Response Relationship, Radiation Histones* / metabolism Humans
IF 1.95
Human and Animal Cells HeLa.S3(RCB1525)