RRC ID 76151
Author Dai S, Tang X, Li L, Ishidate T, Ozturk AR, Chen H, Dude AL, Yan YH, Dong MQ, Shen EZ, Mello CC.
Title A family of C. elegans VASA homologs control Argonaute pathway specificity and promote transgenerational silencing.
Journal Cell Rep
Abstract Germline Argonautes direct transcriptome surveillance within perinuclear membraneless organelles called nuage. In C. elegans, a family of Vasa-related Germ Line Helicase (GLH) proteins localize in and promote the formation of nuage. Previous studies have implicated GLH proteins in inherited silencing, but direct roles in small-RNA production, Argonaute binding, or mRNA targeting have not been identified. Here we show that GLH proteins compete with each other to control Argonaute pathway specificity, bind directly to Argonaute target mRNAs, and promote the amplification of small RNAs required for transgenerational inheritance. We show that the ATPase cycle of GLH-1 regulates direct binding to the Argonaute WAGO-1, which engages amplified small RNAs. Our findings support a dynamic and direct role for GLH proteins in inherited silencing beyond their role as structural components of nuage.
Volume 40(10)
Pages 111265
Published 2022-9-6
DOI 10.1016/j.celrep.2022.111265
PII S2211-1247(22)01083-X
PMID 36070689
PMC PMC9887883
MeSH Animals Argonaute Proteins / genetics Argonaute Proteins / metabolism Caenorhabditis elegans* / metabolism Caenorhabditis elegans Proteins* / metabolism DEAD-box RNA Helicases / metabolism Germ Cells / metabolism RNA, Messenger / metabolism
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