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Yeast ? Two kinesin-like Kin I family proteins in fission yeast regulate the establishment of metaphase and the onset of anaphase A.
Wheat LPGKU0043 , LPGKU0044 , LPGKU0045 , LPGKU0046 , LPGKU0047 , LPGKU0048 , LPGKU0051 , LPGKU0052 , LPGKU0053 , LPGKU0054 , ... Molecular characterization of gliadins of Chinese Spring wheat in relation to celiac disease elicitors.
Drosophila 7393R-3 , 3749R-2 Gene Dosage Imbalance Contributes to Chromosomal Instability-Induced Tumorigenesis.
Barley Double monosomic for 5B and 5H ? Molecular cytogenetic identification of nullisomy 5B induced homoeologous recombination between wheat chromosome 5D and barley chromosome 5H.
Drosophila Df(3R)ED10953 (DGRC#150206) , Df(2L)ED4559 (DGRC#150140) , Df(2R)ED1770 (DGRC#150510) , Df(2R)ED1612 (DGRC#150411) , Df(2L)ED3 (DGRC#130378 or DGRC#150222) , Df(3R)ED5071 (DGRC#150448) , Df(3R)ED7665 (DGRC#150259) , Df(2L)ED748 (DGRC#150096) and Df(3R)ED10946 (DGRC#150482) Buffering and proteolysis are induced by segmental monosomy in Drosophila melanogaster.
Human and Animal Cells Dominant expansion of a cryptic subclone with an abnormal karyotype in B lymphoblastoid cell lines during culture.
Human and Animal Cells Establishment and characterization of HEPFT, a cell line derived from hepatoid carcinoma of the fallopian tube, with special reference to alpha-fetoprotein, lectin affinity and histogenesis.