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Silkworms A simple artificial diet available for research of silkworm disease models.
Drosophila DGRC#201409 , DGRC#106444 , DGRC#106453 , DGRC#141269 Sleep-promoting effects of threonine link amino acid metabolism in Drosophila neuron to GABAergic control of sleep drive.
C.elegans tm1770 Mechanism of biofilm-mediated stress resistance and lifespan extension in C. elegans.
Rice Induced mutation lines Starch synthase IIIa and starch branching enzyme IIb-deficient mutant rice line ameliorates pancreatic insulin secretion in rats: screening and evaluating mutant rice lines with antidiabetic functionalities.
General Microbes JCM 1134 , JCM 1217 , JCM 1290 , JCM 1395 , JCM 1649 , JCM 5803 , JCM 14654 Effects of oral administration of heat-killed Enterococcus faecium strain NHRD IHARA in post-weaning piglets.
General Microbes JCM 1131 Immunomodulation in gut-associated lymphoid tissue of neonatal chicks by immunobiotic diets.
Rats F344/DuCrlCrlj(strainID=537) A prostaglandin E2 receptor subtype EP1-selective antagonist, ONO-8711, suppresses 4-nitroquinoline 1-oxide-induced rat tongue carcinogenesis.
Rats SHR/Izm(strainID=411) , SHRSP/Izm(strainID=409) , WKY/Izm(strainID=412) Nutritional prevention on hypertension, cerebral hemodynamics and thrombosis in stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive rats.