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General Microbes JCM 9645 Species- and strain-specific differences in the phagocytosis of Prototheca: insights from live-cell imaging.
Human and Animal Cells A549(RCB0098) Protein adsorption of ultrafine metal oxide and its influence on cytotoxicity toward cultured cells.
Human and Animal Cells EpiSC 129Ba1(AES0204) , rdES2-1(AES0174) , 201B7(HPS0063) A stem cell zoo uncovers intracellular scaling of developmental tempo across mammals.
Human and Animal Cells THP-1 Effect of multi arm-PEG-NHS (polyethylene glycol n-hydroxysuccinimide) branching on cell adhesion to modified decellularized bovine and porcine pericardium.
Human and Animal Cells MA104(RCB0994) Use of live attenuated recombinant Newcastle disease virus carrying avian paramyxovirus 2 HN and F protein genes to enhance immune responses against species A rotavirus VP6 protein.
Human and Animal Cells PANC-1(RCB2095) Endothelium-dependent epithelial-mesenchymal transition of tumor cells: exclusive roles of transforming growth factor β1 and β2.
GBIF Hemichordata collection of National Museum of Nature and Science , Chironomid Specimen records in the Chironomid DNA Barcode Database. , Mollusca collection of National Museum of Nature and Science , Hymenoptera specimen database of Kyushu University , Echinoderm collection of National Museum of Nature and Science , Xiphosuran collection of the National Museum of Nature and Science , Aschelminth collection of National Museum of Nature and Science , Insect species recorded in sugarcane fields of Khon Kaen Province, Thailand, over three seasons in 2012 , Sipuncula collection of National Museum of Nature and Science , Plant Specimen Database of Tama Forest Science Garden, Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute, Japan , ... Mapping potential conflicts between global agriculture and terrestrial conservation.
Human and Animal Cells HHUA(RCB0658) , OMC-9(RCB2832) Identification of menaquinone-4 (vitamin K2) target genes in bovine endometrial epithelial cells in vitro.
General Microbes JCM 15793 , JCM 32112 Phenotypic Characteristics of Prototheca Species Occurring in Humans and Animals.
General Microbes JCM 34664 , JCM 12954 , JCM 8259 Prevotella lacticifex sp. nov., isolated from the rumen of cows.
General Microbes JCM 7004 , JCM 7019 O-acetylesterase activity of Bifidobacterium bifidum sialidase facilities the liberation of sialic acid and encourages the proliferation of sialic acid scavenging Bifidobacterium breve.
Human and Animal Cells RAW 264(RCB0535) Peanut triacylglycerols activate innate immunity both in insects and mammals.
Human and Animal Cells 253G1(HPS0002) Transplantation of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Airway Cells on Vitrigel Membrane into Rat Nasal Cavity.
Pathogenic eukaryotic microorganisms Prototheca miyajii IFM 53848 Phenotypic Characteristics of Prototheca Species Occurring in Humans and Animals.
Silkworms Antheraea pernyi , Antheraea yamamai , Saturnia jonasii, , Actias aliena , Aglia japonica (Saturniidae) Limited proteolysis by a prostatic endopeptidase, the sperm-activating factor initiatorin, regulates the activation of pro-carboxypeptidase B in the seminal fluid of the silkworm, Bombyx mori.
Human and Animal Cells COS-1(RCB143) Cloning, expression, and chromosomal mapping of a human ganglioside sialidase.
Human and Animal Cells HeLa Synthesis, biological characterization and evaluation of molecular mechanisms of novel copper complexes as anticancer agents.
Human and Animal Cells MH7A(RCB1512) Adiponectin Promotes VEGF Expression in Rheumatoid Arthritis Synovial Fibroblasts and Induces Endothelial Progenitor Cell Angiogenesis by Inhibiting miR-106a-5p.
Silkworms transgenic silkworm Silkworm recombinant bovine zona pellucida protein 4 (bZP4) as a potential female immunocontraceptive antigen; impaired sperm-oocyte interaction and ovarian dysfunction.
DNA material pBA1159 (RDB19560) Direct expression in Escherichia coli and characterization of bovine adrenodoxins with modified amino-terminal regions.