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Drosophila Rap1 GTPase promotes coordinated collective cell migration in vivo.
Human and Animal Cells Essential domain of receptor tyrosine phosphatase beta (RPTPbeta) for interaction with Helicobacter pylori vacuolating cytotoxin.
Human and Animal Cells Heterogeneity of phosphatidic acid levels and distribution at the plasma membrane in living cells as visualized by a Föster resonance energy transfer (FRET) biosensor.
Mice RBRC02591 The GTPase-activating protein GIT2 protects against colitis by negatively regulating Toll-like receptor signaling.
DNA material pMYE3-1 (RDB08876) , pMYE3-2 (RDB08877) , pMYE3-3 (RDB08878) , pMYE3-4 (RDB08879) , pMYE3-5 (RDB08880) , pMYE3-6 (RDB08881) , pMYE3-7 (RDB08882) , pMYE3-8 (RDB08883) , pMYE3-9 (RDB08884) Activities of mutant Sar1 proteins in guanine nucleotide binding, GTP hydrolysis, and cell-free transport from the endoplasmic reticulum to the Golgi apparatus.
DNA material pKSE131 (RDB08704) , pKSE132 (RDB08705) , pKSE133 (RDB08706) , pKSE136 (RDB08707) Reconstitution of coat protein complex II (COPII) vesicle formation from cargo-reconstituted proteoliposomes reveals the potential role of GTP hydrolysis by Sar1p in protein sorting.
DNA material pKSY193 (RDB08689) , pKSY197 (RDB08690) , pKSY198 (RDB08691) , pET21a-SED5 (RDB08692) , pKSE165 (RDB08708) , pKSE168 (RDB08709) , pKSE174 (RDB08710) , pKSE176 (RDB08711) , pKSE188 (RDB08712) , pKSE203 (RDB08713) Dissection of COPII subunit-cargo assembly and disassembly kinetics during Sar1p-GTP hydrolysis.
DNA material pYPL1 (RDB08718) , pSMY1 (RDB08719) , pSMY3 (RDB08720) , pSMY2 (RDB08721) , pSMY4 (RDB08722) , pSMY5 (RDB08723) , pSMY6 (RDB08724) , pSMY7 (RDB08725) , pSMY8 (RDB08726) , pSMY9 (RDB08727) , ... Smy2p participates in COPII vesicle formation through the interaction with Sec23p/Sec24p subcomplex.
C.elegans tm2241 TBC-2 regulates RAB-5/RAB-7-mediated endosomal trafficking in Caenorhabditis elegans.
Human and Animal Cells DOCK2 regulates cell proliferation through Rac and ERK activation in B cell lymphoma.