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Human and Animal Cells KGN(RCB1154) The transcriptional regulator CBX2 and ovarian function: A whole genome and whole transcriptome approach.
Human and Animal Cells Hep G2 Local states of chromatin compaction at transcription start sites control transcription levels.
Human and Animal Cells 409B2(HPS0076) Rapid repair of human disease-specific single-nucleotide variants by One-SHOT genome editing.
Human and Animal Cells MKN28(RCB1000) Metastasis Associated Lung Adenocarcinoma Transcript 1: An update on expression pattern and functions in carcinogenesis.
Human and Animal Cells 201B7(HPS0063) , 253G1(HPS0002) Culture under low physiological oxygen conditions improves the stemness and quality of induced pluripotent stem cells.
Human and Animal Cells Ca9-22(RCB1976) , OVK18(RCB1903) , OCUB-M(RCB0881) , NB69(RCB0480) , TE-15(RCB1951) , TE-4(RCB2097) , TGBC11TKB(RCB1148) , MKN1(RCB1003) , MDA-MB-453(RCB1192) , GI-1(RCB0763) , ... Prioritization of cancer therapeutic targets using CRISPR-Cas9 screens.
Human and Animal Cells The potential role of DFNA5, a hearing impairment gene, in p53-mediated cellular response to DNA damage.
C.elegans tm423 A genetic screen identifies FAN1, a Fanconi anemia-associated nuclease necessary for DNA interstrand crosslink repair.
Human and Animal Cells OS-RC-2(RCB0735) Combined functional genome survey of therapeutic targets for clear cell carcinoma of the kidney.
Human and Animal Cells ATDC5(RCB0565) Cloning and characterization of the osteoarthritis-associated gene DVWA.
Mice A novel mouse model of hepatocarcinogenesis triggered by AID causing deleterious p53 mutations.
Drosophila Design and evaluation of genome-wide libraries for RNA interference screens.