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Cord blood stem cells for research 臍帯血 Induction of human humoral immune responses in a novel HLA-DR-expressing transgenic NOD/Shi-scid/γcnull mouse.
Mice B6.Cg-Aicda<tm1Hon> (N10)/HonRbrc(RBRC00897) , C.Cg-Aicda<tm1Hon>/HonRbrc (N10)(RBRC00901) Class switch recombination and somatic hypermutation of virus-neutralizing antibodies are not essential for control of friend retrovirus infection.
DNA material pmAID-ER-FBG (RDB07086) De novo protein synthesis is required for the activation-induced cytidine deaminase function in class-switch recombination.
Mice B6.Cg-Aicda<tm1Hon> (N10)/HonRbrc(RBRC00897) IgG and IgE collaboratively accelerate expulsion of Strongyloides venezuelensis in a primary infection.
Human and Animal Cells Control of Toll-like receptor-mediated T cell-independent type 1 antibody responses by the inducible nuclear protein IκB-ζ.
DNA material , Human and Animal Cells pMXs-IRES-GFP_IgM (RDB14501) , pMXs-IRES-GFP_IgD (RDB14502) , pMXs-IRES-GFP_IgG3 (RDB14503) , pMXs-IRES-GFP_IgG1 (RDB14504) , pMXs-IRES-GFP_IgG2b (RDB14505) , pMXs-IRES-GFP_IgG2c (RDB14506) , pMXs-IRES-GFP_IgA (RDB14507) , pMXs-IRES-GFP_IgE (RDB14508) , pMXs-IRES-mCherry_IgG1 (RDB14509) , pMXs-IRES-mCherry_IgE (RDB14510) , ... Autonomous membrane IgE signaling prevents IgE-memory formation.