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Japanese macaques Balancing risk-return decisions by manipulating the mesofrontal circuits in primates
Japanese macaques Hydroxynonenal causes Langerhans cell degeneration in the pancreas of Japanese macaque monkeys.
Japanese macaques Chemogenetic sensory fMRI reveals behaviorally relevant bidirectional changes in primate somatosensory network.
Japanese macaques D1- and D2-like receptors differentially mediate the effects of dopaminergic transmission on cost-benefit evaluation and motivation in monkeys.
Japanese macaques A convolutional neural network for estimating synaptic connectivity from spike trains.
Japanese macaques Divergent Whole Brain Projections from the Ventral Midbrain in Macaques.
Japanese macaques Temporal Prediction Signals for Periodic Sensory Events in the Primate Central Thalamus.
Japanese macaques Contribution of the Pulvinar and Lateral Geniculate Nucleus to the Control of Visually Guided Saccades in Blindsight Monkeys.
Japanese macaques Vasopressin gene products are colocalised with corticotrophin-releasing factor within neurosecretory vesicles in the external zone of the median eminence of the Japanese macaque monkey (Macaca fuscata).
Japanese macaques Deschloroclozapine, a potent and selective chemogenetic actuator enables rapid neuronal and behavioral modulations in mice and monkeys.
Japanese macaques Parkinsonism Differently Affects the Single Neuronal Activity in the Primary and Supplementary Motor Areas in Monkeys: An Investigation in Linear and Nonlinear Domains.
Japanese macaques Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation restores altered functional connectivity of central poststroke pain model monkeys.
Japanese macaques Spatial and temporal adaptation of predictive saccades based on motion inference.
Japanese macaques Stimulus outputs induced by subdural electrodes on the cervical spinal cord in monkeys.
Japanese macaques The Role of Primate Prefrontal Cortex in Bias and Shift Between Visual Dimensions.
Japanese macaques Bypassing stroke-damaged neural pathways via a neural interface induces targeted cortical adaptation.
Japanese macaques Entrained neuronal activity to periodic visual stimuli in the primate striatum compared with the cerebellum.
Japanese macaques The cost of obtaining rewards enhances the reward prediction error signal of midbrain dopamine neurons.
Japanese macaques Locomotor kinematics and EMG activity during quadrupedal versus bipedal gait in the Japanese macaque.
Japanese macaques Effects of self-locomotion on the activity of place cells in the hippocampus of a freely behaving monkey.