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Barley OUH602 Organ-enriched gene expression during floral morphogenesis in wild barley.
Barley Haruna Nijo, OUH602 Genetic resistance in barley against Japanese soil-borne wheat mosaic virus functions in the roots.
Barley full length cDNA Two dominant genes in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) complementarily encode perfect resistance to Japanese soil-borne wheat mosaic virus.
Barley Harun Nijo mutatnt lines FLOURY ENDOSPERM 6 mutations enhance the sugary phenotype caused by the loss of ISOAMYLASE1 in barley.
Barley Barley seed sample of “Sarab1” (SRB), “Ehimehadaka1” (EHM), and “Ethiopia2” (ETH)" "Live-Autoradiography" Technique Reveals Genetic Variation in the Rate of Fe Uptake by Barley Cultivars.
Barley seed sample: Golden Promise A crucial role for a node-localized transporter, HvSPDT, in loading phosphorus into barley grains.
Barley Haruna Nijo (seed sample, BAC clones and Full length cDNA sequences) Chromosome-scale assembly of barley cv. 'Haruna Nijo' as a resource for barley genetics.
Barley accession seed sample: Golden Promise Regulation of germination by targeted mutagenesis of grain dormancy genes in barley.
Barley Barley seed samples for RNA-Seq analysis RNA-Seq-based DNA marker analysis of the genetics and molecular evolution of Triticeae species.
Barley seed samples of OUU305, OUU326 A novel mutant allele at the Cleistogamy 1 locus in barley.
Barley Seed sample H602 Chromosome-scale assembly of wild barley accession "OUH602".
Barley barley accessions Mutations in a Golden2-Like Gene Cause Reduced Seed Weight in Barley albino lemma 1 Mutants
Barley Accession: Morex, Haruna Nijo The Presence of the Hairy-Root-Disease-Inducing (Ri) Plasmid in Wheat Endophytic Rhizobia Explains a Pathogen Reservoir Function of Healthy Resistant Plants.
Barley Barley seed samples Life-Course Monitoring of Endogenous Phytohormone Levels under Field Conditions Reveals Diversity of Physiological States among Barley Accessions.
Barley Barley accessions: OUC613, OUE812 Accession difference in leaf photosynthesis, root hydraulic conductance and gene expression of root aquaporins under salt stress in barley seedlings
Barley Haruna Nijo etc. Enhancement of Photosynthetic Iron-Use Efficiency Is an Important Trait of Hordeum vulgare for Adaptation of Photosystems to Iron Deficiency.
Barley Resource description History and future perspectives of barley genomics.
Barley オオムギ系統 Golden Promise Antagonistic regulation of the gibberellic acid response during stem growth in rice.
Barley オオムギ274系統(SV) Genetic Factors Associated with Heading Responses Revealed by Field Evaluation of 274 Barley Accessions for 20 Seasons.
Barley BAC clone sequence , LC054174 , LC054175 Genome-Edited Triple-Recessive Mutation Alters Seed Dormancy in Wheat.