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Rice W0009, W1468 Regulator of Awn Elongation 3, an E3 ubiquitin ligase, is responsible for loss of awns during African rice domestication.
Rice Induced mutation lines Whole-Genome Sequencing of Rice Mutant Library Members Induced by N-Methyl-N-Nitrosourea Mutagenesis of Fertilized Egg Cells.
Rice W0103, W0128, W0145, W0178, W0590, W0610, W0630, W0632, W0638, W0639, W1080, W1086, W1090, W1092, W1111, W1112, W1114, W1117, W1292, W1295, W1559, W1715, W1852, W1927, W2061, W2311,W2316, W2319 A stepwise route to domesticate rice by controlling seed shattering and panicle shape.
Rice W0002, W0008, W0017, W0106, W0652, W1024, W1166, W1169, W1182, W1194, W1197, W1213, W1220, W1294, W1361, W1401, W1514, W1588, W1625, W1628, W1635, W1711, W1805, W1830, W1866, W1921, W2003, W2145, W2199, W2220 Measurements of Antibacterial Activity of Seed Crude Extracts in Cultivated Rice and Wild Oryza Species.
Rice CM761, CM829, CM873 Measurements of the number of specified and unspecified cells in the shoot apical meristem during a plastochron in rice (Oryza sativa) reveal the robustness of cellular specification process in plant development.
Rice W1297 New Hybrid Spikelet Sterility Gene Found in Interspecific Cross between Oryza sativa and O. meridionalis.
Rice W1297 Segregation Distortion Observed in the Progeny of Crosses Between Oryza sativa and O. meridionalis Caused by Abortion During Seed Development.
Rice wild species Photosynthetic nitrogen- and water-use efficiencies in C3 and C4 subtype grasses grown under two nitrogen supply levels
Rice Tos17 line High-quality sugar production by osgcs1 rice.
Rice Induced mutation lines Mutation in BEIIb mitigates the negative effect of the mutation in ISA1 on grain filling and amyloplast formation in rice.
Rice Induced mutation lines Genetic Background Negates Improvements in Rice Flour Characteristics and Food Processing Properties Caused by a Mutant Allele of the PDIL1-1 Seed Storage Protein Gene.
Rice Induced mutation lines Serine hydroxymethyltransferase participates in the synthesis of cysteine-rich storage proteins in rice seed.
Rice SG0111 Loss of OsEAF6, a Subunit of the Histone Acetyltransferase Complex, Causes Hybrid Breakdown in Intersubspecific Rice Crosses.
Rice W0107 The mechanical origin of the radial shape in distichous phyllotaxy grass plants
Rice W0106 , W1514 , W1361 , W1805 , W1527 , W1166 , W0017 , W0613 , W0008 , W0654 , ... Evolutionary alterations in gene expression and enzymatic activities of gibberellin 3-oxidase 1 in Oryza.
Rice NAM系統 Development of an Aus-Derived Nested Association Mapping (Aus-NAM) Population in Rice.
Rice Collection, preservation and distribution of Oryza genetic resources by the National Bioresource Project RICE (NBRP-RICE).
Rice W2165, W2149, W1183, W1962 Some Accessions of Amazonian Wild Rice (Oryza glumaepatula) Constitutively Form a Barrier to Radial Oxygen Loss along Adventitious Roots under Aerated Conditions.
Rice W0130, W0170, W0610, W1230, W1295, W1818, W1921, W2299, W0120, W0596, W1236, W1292, W1715, W1798, W2052, W2310, W0318, W0141, W0593, W1244, W1294, W1777, W1807, W1973, W2078, W0698, W1432, W1588, W1643, W1196, W1196, W2140, W2192, W2112, W2113, W2115, W2117, W1514, W1582, W1590, W1593, W1402, W1703, W1711 Natural variation of diterpenoid phytoalexins in cultivated and wild rice species.
Rice W0120, W0130, W0138, W0596, W0610, W1230, W1292, W1294, W1295, W2113, W2115, W2117 Natural variation in the expression and catalytic activity of a naringenin 7-O-methyltransferase influences antifungal defenses in diverse rice cultivars.