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Rice W1169, W1171, W1183, W1185, W1187, W1189, W1191, W1196, W1477, W2140, W2145, W2149, W2160, W2165, W2173, W2184, W2192, W2199, W2203 Oryza glumaepatula: A wild relative to improve drought tolerance in cultivated rice
Rice induced mutation line Zipcode RNA-Binding Proteins and Membrane Trafficking Proteins Cooperate to Transport Glutelin mRNAs in Rice Endosperm.
Rice mRNA Localization in Plant Cells.
Rice The Role of RNA-Binding Protein OsTudor-SN in Post-Transcriptional Regulation of Seed Storage Proteins and Endosperm Development.
Rice The rice storage protein mRNAs as a model system for RNA localization in higher plants.
Rice Induced mutation lines Selective sets of mRNAs localize to extracellular paramural bodies in a rice glup6 mutant.
Rice Induced mutation line RNA-Binding Protein RBP-P Is Required for Glutelin and Prolamine mRNA Localization in Rice Endosperm Cells.
Rice W0002 Potential of Oryza officinalis to augment the cold tolerance genetic mechanisms of Oryza sativa by network complementation.
Rice Induced mutation line The rice endosperm ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase large subunit is essential for optimal catalysis and allosteric regulation of the heterotetrameric enzyme.
Rice Induced mutation line Analysis of the Rice ADP-Glucose Transporter (OsBT1) Indicates the Presence of Regulatory Processes in the Amyloplast Stroma That Control ADP-Glucose Flux into Starch.
Rice Induced mutation line Rice Endosperm Starch Phosphorylase (Pho1) Assembles with Disproportionating Enzyme (Dpe1) to Form a Protein Complex That Enhances Synthesis of Malto-oligosaccharides.
Rice Induced mutation lines Multifunctional RNA Binding Protein OsTudor-SN in Storage Protein mRNA Transport and Localization.
Rice W1943 , W2112 Genomes of 13 domesticated and wild rice relatives highlight genetic conservation, turnover and innovation across the genus Oryza.
Rice O. rufipogon (W1943 , W1944 , W1945) Population Dynamics Among six Major Groups of the Oryza rufipogon Species Complex, Wild Relative of Cultivated Asian Rice.
Rice Induced mutation lines Genome-wide study of KNOX regulatory network reveals brassinosteroid catabolic genes important for shoot meristem function in rice.
Rice RiTE database: a resource database for genus-wide rice genomics and evolutionary biology.
Rice Induced Mutation Lines The Tyrosine Aminomutase TAM1 Is Required for β-Tyrosine Biosynthesis in Rice.
Rice W0630 , O. rufipogon , O. officinalis , O. eichingeri , O. rhizomatis , Oryzabase The International Oryza Map Alignment Project: development of a genus-wide comparative genomics platform to help solve the 9 billion-people question.
Rice W0106 Integration of hybridization-based markers (overgos) into physical maps for comparative and evolutionary explorations in the genus Oryza and in Sorghum.
Rice HO708 , HO709 , HO716 A conserved mechanism of bract suppression in the grass family.