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Algae NIES-144 Room-Temperature Cell Disruption and Astaxanthin Recovery from Haematococcus lacustris Cysts Using Ultrathin α-Quartz Nanoplates and Ionic Liquids
Algae NIES-144 Strategy for high-yield astaxanthin recovery directly from wet Haematococcus pluvialis without pretreatment.
Algae NIES-144 , NIES-2140 , NIES-2146 Powerful tools for productivity improvements in microalgal production
Algae NIES-144 Concurrent enhancement of CO2 fixation and productivities of omega-3 fatty acids and astaxanthin in Haematococcus pluvialis culture via calcium-mediated homeoviscous adaptation and biomineralization.
Algae NIES-144 Robust cyst germination induction in Haematococcus pluvialis to enhance astaxanthin productivity in a semi-continuous outdoor culture system using power plant flue gas
Algae NIES-144 Initial Study on the Growth of Haematococus pluvialis for Astaxanthin Production
Algae NIES-24 , NIES-47 , NIES-144 , NIES-2146 , NIES-2160 固相表面培養を利用した微細藻類のCO2固定化技術開発
Algae NIES-144 Electric Stimulation of Astaxanthin Biosynthesis in Haematococcus pluvialis
Algae NIES-144 , NIES-424 , NIES-425 , NIES-2207 , NIES-2212 , NIES-2215 , NIES-2242 , NIES-2243 , NIES-2499 , NIES-3753 , ... The Rubisco small subunits in the green algal genus Chloromonas provide insights into evolutionary loss of the eukaryotic carbon-concentrating organelle, the pyrenoid.
Algae NIES-144 Recent advances in biorefinery of astaxanthin from Haematococcus pluvialis.
Algae NIES-144 Recent advancements in mixotrophic bioprocessing for production of high value microalgal products.
Algae NIES-144 , NIES-227 , NIES-2280 Heterotrophic Microalgal Cultivation
Algae NIES-144 Hydrothermal synthesis of novel two-dimensional α-quartz nanoplates and their applications in energy-saving, high-efficiency, microalgal biorefineries
Algae NIES-144 Draft Genome Sequence of the Astaxanthin-Producing Microalga Haematococcus lacustris Strain NIES-144.
Algae NIES-144 Astaxanthin production by tropical microalgae strains isolated from environment in Malaysia.
Algae NIES-144 A novel CO2 steady feeding based on the pH steady strategy data in the Haematococcus pluvialis cultivation to maximize the cell growth and carbon bio-sequestration.
Algae NIES-144 Astaxanthin biosynthesis promotion with pH shock in the green microalga, Haematococcus lacustris.
Algae NIES-144 Enhancement of astaxanthin production by Haematococcus pluvialis using magnesium aminoclay nanoparticles.
Algae NIES-144 Initial study of polymer-based nanoparticles effect on carotenogenesis of Haematococcus lacustris
Algae NIES-144 , NIES-2199 Effect of Air Nanobubble Water on the Growth and Metabolism of Haematococcus lacustris and Botryococcus braunii.