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General Microbes JCM33507 Vineibacter terrae gen. nov., sp. nov., an ammonium-assimilating and nitrate-reducing bacterium isolated from vineyard soil.
General Microbes JCM34414 Pseudomonas schmalbachii sp. nov., isolated from the gut of a millipede (Trigoniulus corallinus) from a coconut tree.
General Microbes JCM34167 , JCM21244 , JCM18935 Description of Devosia faecipullorum sp. nov., harboring antibiotic- and toxic compound-resistace genes, isolated from poultry manure.
General Microbes JCM33499 , JCM8359 , JCM14732 , JCM16926 Aeromicrobium terrae sp. nov., isolated from a maize field.
General Microbes JCM13953 , JCM21151 Flavobacterium undicola sp. nov., isolated from a freshwater lake.
General Microbes JCM33300 Streptococcus vaginalis sp. nov., a novel bacterial species isolated from vaginal swabs of a pregnant woman with diabetes.
General Microbes JCM19142 Flavobacterium difficile sp. nov., isolated from a freshwater waterfall.
General Microbes JCM33628 , JCM16456 Vibrio nitrifigilis sp. nov., a marine nitrogen-fixing bacterium isolated from the lagoon sediment of an islet inside an atoll.
General Microbes JCM33506 , JCM31785 Zeimonas arvi gen. nov., sp. nov., of the family Burkholderiaceae, harboring biphenyl- and phenolic acid-metabolizing genes, isolated from a long-term ecological research field.
General Microbes JCM33280 Prevotella hominis sp. nov., isolated from human faeces.
General Microbes JCM33498 , JCM21758 , JCM21507 Cerasibacillus terrae sp. nov., isolated from maize field, and emended description of Cerasibacillus quisquiliarum Nakamura et al. 2004.
General Microbes JCM32838 , JCM19739 Flavobacterium supellecticarium sp. nov., isolated from an abandoned construction timber.
General Microbes JCM32834 , JCM19227 Cohnella fermenti sp. nov., isolated from a fermentation process.
General Microbes JCM31372 Lacibacter luteus sp. nov., isolated from a freshwater river.
General Microbes JCM19844 Filimonas effusa sp. nov., isolated from a freshwater river.
General Microbes JCM13220 Rubrivivax albus sp. nov., isolated from a freshwater pond.
General Microbes JCM31228 Allorhizobium terrae sp. nov., isolated from paddy soil, and reclassification of Rhizobium oryziradicis (Zhao et al. 2017) as Allorhizobium oryziradicis comb. nov.
General Microbes JCM1649 Lactobacillus plantarum PS128 alleviates neurodegenerative progression in 1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine-induced mouse models of Parkinson's disease.
General Microbes JCM19754 , JCM14338 Description of Gemmobacter aestuarii sp. nov., isolated from estuarine surface water and reclassification of Cereibacter changlensis as Gemmobacter changlensis Chen et al. 2013.
General Microbes JCM32001 , JCM32002 Description of Azoarcus nasutitermitis sp. nov. and Azoarcus rhizosphaerae sp. nov., two nitrogen-fixing species isolated from termite nest and rhizosphere of Ficus religiosa.