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Species Resource
Japanese macaques Synaptic and functional linkages between spinal premotor interneurons and hand-muscle activity during precision grip.
Silkworms EST database , Silkbase Annotation pattern of ESTs from Spodoptera frugiperda Sf9 cells and analysis of the ribosomal protein genes reveal insect-specific features and unexpectedly low codon usage bias.
Prokaryotes E. coli ME8569(DH1) Construction of bacteria-eukaryote synthetic mutualism.
Prokaryotes E. coli ME7986(MG1655)(Keio) A kinetic platform to determine the fate of nitric oxide in Escherichia coli.
C.intestinalis / (O.japonicus) Wild C. int A Boolean Function for Neural Induction Reveals a Critical Role of Direct Intercellular Interactions in Patterning the Ectoderm of the Ascidian Embryo.
Chicken / Quail Bayesian inference of whole-organ deformation dynamics from limited space-time point data.
INFORMATION Oryzabase Computable visually observed phenotype ontological framework for plants.
Human and Animal Cells Predicted mouse peroxisome-targeted proteins and their actual subcellular locations.
Prokaryotes E. coli DH1 Probabilistic transition from unstable predator-prey interaction to stable coexistence of Dictyostelium discoideum and Escherichia coli.
INFORMATION Oryzabase Orymold: ontology based gene expression data integration and analysis tool applied to rice.
INFORMATION Oryzabase Worm Phenotype Ontology: integrating phenotype data within and beyond the C. elegans community.
Rats database Rat Strain Ontology: structured controlled vocabulary designed to facilitate access to strain data at RGD.
Rats database The clinical measurement, measurement method and experimental condition ontologies: expansion, improvements and new applications.
General Microbes JCM 1650 , JCM 1232 , JCM 1688 , JCM 1235 The impact of interspecific competition on lineage evolution and a rapid peak shift by interdemic genetic mixing in experimental bacterial populations.
C.elegans tm544 Macro-level modeling of the response of C. elegans reproduction to chronic heat stress.
Silkworms NA Offset response of the olfactory projection neurons in the moth antennal lobe.
INFORMATION nbrp OpenHelix: bioinformatics education outside of a different box.
Silkworms EST database SPODOBASE: an EST database for the lepidopteran crop pest Spodoptera.
INFORMATION E.coli The activity reaction core and plasticity of metabolic networks.
Japanese macaques Relating neuronal firing patterns to functional differentiation of cerebral cortex.