RRC ID 11621
Author Medioni C, Astier M, Zmojdzian M, Jagla K, Sémériva M.
Title Genetic control of cell morphogenesis during Drosophila melanogaster cardiac tube formation.
Journal J. Cell Biol.
Abstract Tubulogenesis is an essential component of organ development, yet the underlying cellular mechanisms are poorly understood. We analyze here the formation of the Drosophila melanogaster cardiac lumen that arises from the migration and subsequent coalescence of bilateral rows of cardioblasts. Our study of cell behavior using three-dimensional and time-lapse imaging and the distribution of cell polarity markers reveals a new mechanism of tubulogenesis in which repulsion of prepatterned luminal domains with basal membrane properties and cell shape remodeling constitute the main driving forces. Furthermore, we identify a genetic pathway in which roundabout, slit, held out wings, and dystroglycan control cardiac lumen formation by establishing nonadherent luminal membranes and regulating cell shape changes. From these data we propose a model for D. melanogaster cardiac lumen formation, which differs, both at a cellular and molecular level, from current models of epithelial tubulogenesis. We suggest that this new example of tube formation may be helpful in studying vertebrate heart tube formation and primary vasculogenesis.
Volume 182(2)
Pages 249-61
Published 2008-7-28
DOI 10.1083/jcb.200801100
PII jcb.200801100
PMID 18663140
PMC PMC2483531
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