RRC ID 11627
Author Sato T, Ueda S, Niki Y.
Title Wingless signaling initiates mitosis of primordial germ cells during development in Drosophila.
Journal Mech. Dev.
Abstract The germline cells of Drosophila are derived from pole cells, which form at the posterior pole of the blastoderm and become primordial germ cells (PGCs). To elucidate the signal transduction pathways for the development of embryonic PGCs, we examined the effects of various growth factors on the proliferation of PGCs. Up- and down-regulation of Wingless (Wg) in both of soma and PGCs caused an increase and a decrease in the number of PGCs, respectively. The Wg/beta-catenin signaling pathway began to occur in PGCs at the same time as the PGCs began to divide during the embryonic stage in both sexes. In addition, PGCs were found to produce wg mRNA as they begin to divide. Thus, Wg functions as an autocrine factor to initiate mitosis in embryonic PGCs. Decapentaplegic affected the growth of PGCs from the end of the embryonic stage. The results indicate that these growth factors regulate the division of embryonic PGCs in a stage-specific manner.
Volume 125(5-6)
Pages 498-507
Published 2008-5
DOI 10.1016/j.mod.2008.01.004
PII S0925-4773(08)00006-3
PMID 18291628
MeSH Animals Crosses, Genetic Drosophila Proteins / metabolism Drosophila Proteins / physiology* Drosophila melanogaster Gene Expression Regulation, Developmental* Germ Cells / cytology Hot Temperature Microscopy, Fluorescence Mitosis* Models, Biological Proto-Oncogene Proteins / metabolism Proto-Oncogene Proteins / physiology* Sex Characteristics Signal Transduction Time Factors Wnt1 Protein beta Catenin / metabolism beta Catenin / physiology*
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