RRC ID 29150
Author Sato K, Sato M, Nakano A.
Title Rer1p, a retrieval receptor for endoplasmic reticulum membrane proteins, is dynamically localized to the Golgi apparatus by coatomer.
Journal J. Cell Biol.
Abstract Rer1p, a yeast Golgi membrane protein, is required for the retrieval of a set of endoplasmic reticulum (ER) membrane proteins. We present the first evidence that Rer1p directly interacts with the transmembrane domain (TMD) of Sec12p which contains a retrieval signal. A green fluorescent protein (GFP) fusion of Rer1p rapidly cycles between the Golgi and the ER. Either a lesion of coatomer or deletion of the COOH-terminal tail of Rer1p causes its mislocalization to the vacuole. The COOH-terminal Rer1p tail interacts in vitro with a coatomer complex containing alpha and gamma subunits. These findings not only give the proof that Rer1p is a novel type of retrieval receptor recognizing the TMD in the Golgi but also indicate that coatomer actively regulates the function and localization of Rer1p.
Volume 152(5)
Pages 935-44
Published 2001-3-5
PMID 11238450
PMC PMC2198819
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IF 8.891
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