RRC ID 34923
Author Ishiguro K, Kim J, Fujiyama-Nakamura S, Kato S, Watanabe Y.
Title A new meiosis-specific cohesin complex implicated in the cohesin code for homologous pairing.
Journal EMBO Rep.
Abstract We identify a new mammalian cohesin subunit, RAD21-like protein (RAD21L), with sequence similarity to RAD21 and REC8. RAD21L localizes along axial elements in early meiotic prophase, in a manner that is spatiotemporally different to either REC8 or RAD21. Remarkably, RAD21L and REC8 have symmetrical, mutually exclusive localization on the not-yet-synapsed homologues, implying that the cohesin patterning could provide a code for homologue recognition. RAD21 transiently localizes to axial elements after the dissociation of RAD21L and REC8 in late pachytene, a period of recombination repair. Further, we show that the removal of cohesins and synaptonemal complex during late meiotic prophase is promoted by Polo-like kinase 1, which is similar to the mitotic prophase pathway.
Volume 12(3)
Pages 267-75
Published 2011-3
DOI 10.1038/embor.2011.2
PII embor20112
PMID 21274006
PMC PMC3059921
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IF 8.749
Times Cited 80
DNA material pCRII-mRAD21L (RDB12167)