RRC ID 409
Author Kawamura A, Koshida S, Hijikata H, Sakaguchi T, Kondoh H, Takada S.
Title Zebrafish hairy/enhancer of split protein links FGF signaling to cyclic gene expression in the periodic segmentation of somites.
Journal Genes Dev.
Abstract Notch and fibroblast growth factor (FGF) signaling pathways have been implicated in the establishment of proper periodicity of vertebrate somites. Here, we show evidence that a Hes6-related hairy/Enhancer of split-related gene, her13.2, links FGF signaling to the Notch-regulated oscillation machinery in zebrafish. Expression of her13.2 is induced by FGF-soaked beads and decreased by an FGF signaling inhibitor. her13.2 is required for periodic repression of the Notch-regulated genes her1 and her7, and for proper somite segmentation. Furthermore, Her13.2 augments autorepression of her1 in association with Her1 protein. Therefore, FGF signaling appears to maintain the oscillation machinery by supplying a binding partner, Her13.2, for Her1.
Volume 19(10)
Pages 1156-61
Published 2005-5-15
DOI 10.1101/gad.1291205
PII 19/10/1156
PMID 15905406
PMC PMC1132002
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