RRC ID 53441
Author Greer EL, Becker B, Latza C, Antebi A, Shi Y.
Title Mutation of C. elegans demethylase spr-5 extends transgenerational longevity.
Journal Cell Res
Abstract Complex organismal properties such as longevity can be transmitted across generations by non-genetic factors. Here we demonstrate that deletion of the C. elegans histone H3 lysine 4 dimethyl (H3K4me2) demethylase, spr-5, causes a trans-generational increase in lifespan. We identify a chromatin-modifying network, which regulates this lifespan extension. We further show that this trans-generational lifespan extension is dependent on a hormonal signaling pathway involving the steroid dafachronic acid, an activator of the nuclear receptor DAF-12. These findings suggest that loss of the demethylase SPR-5 causes H3K4me2 mis-regulation and activation of a known lifespan-regulating signaling pathway, leading to trans-generational lifespan extension.
Volume 26(2)
Pages 229-38
Published 2016-2-1
DOI 10.1038/cr.2015.148
PII cr2015148
PMID 26691751
PMC PMC4746603
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