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Author Schmidt KL, Marcus-Gueret N, Adeleye A, Webber J, Baillie D, Stringham EG.
Title The cell migration molecule UNC-53/NAV2 is linked to the ARP2/3 complex by ABI-1.
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Abstract The shape changes that are required to position a cell to migrate or grow out in a particular direction involve a coordinated reorganization of the actin cytoskeleton. Although it is known that the ARP2/3 complex nucleates actin filament assembly, exactly how the information from guidance cues is integrated to elicit ARP2/3-mediated remodeling during outgrowth remains vague. Previous studies have shown that C. elegans UNC-53 and its vertebrate homolog NAV (Neuronal Navigators) are required for the migration of cells and neuronal processes. We have identified ABI-1 as a novel molecular partner of UNC-53/NAV2 and have found that a restricted calponin homology (CH) domain of UNC-53 is sufficient to bind ABI-1. ABI-1 and UNC-53 have an overlapping expression pattern, and display similar cell migration phenotypes in the excretory cell, and in mechanosensory and motoneurons. Migration defects were also observed after RNAi of proteins known to function with abi-1 in actin dynamics, including nck-1, wve-1 and arx-2. We propose that UNC-53/NAV2, through its CH domain, acts as a scaffold that links ABI-1 to the ARP2/3 complex to regulate actin cytoskeleton remodeling.
Volume 136(4)
Pages 563-74
Published 2009-2
DOI 10.1242/dev.016816
PII 136/4/563
PMID 19168673
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