RRC ID 64476
Author Balakrishnan M, Yu SF, Chin SM, Soffar DB, Windner SE, Goode BL, Baylies MK.
Title Cofilin Loss in Drosophila Muscles Contributes to Muscle Weakness through Defective Sarcomerogenesis during Muscle Growth.
Journal Cell Rep
Abstract Sarcomeres, the fundamental contractile units of muscles, are conserved structures composed of actin thin filaments and myosin thick filaments. How sarcomeres are formed and maintained is not well understood. Here, we show that knockdown of Drosophila cofilin (DmCFL), an actin depolymerizing factor, disrupts both sarcomere structure and muscle function. The loss of DmCFL also results in the formation of sarcomeric protein aggregates and impairs sarcomere addition during growth. The activation of the proteasome delays muscle deterioration in our model. Furthermore, we investigate how a point mutation in CFL2 that causes nemaline myopathy (NM) in humans affects CFL function and leads to the muscle phenotypes observed in vivo. Our data provide significant insights to the role of CFLs during sarcomere formation, as well as mechanistic implications for disease progression in NM patients.
Volume 32(3)
Pages 107893
Published 2020-7-21
DOI 10.1016/j.celrep.2020.107893
PII S2211-1247(20)30874-3
PMID 32697999
PMC PMC7479987
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IF 8.109
Drosophila DGRC#110875