RRC ID 67688
Author Gon H, Fumoto K, Ku Y, Matsumoto S, Kikuchi A.
Title Wnt5a signaling promotes apical and basolateral polarization of single epithelial cells.
Journal Mol Biol Cell
Abstract Single epithelial-derived tumor cells have been shown to induce apical and basolateral (AB) polarity by expression of polarization-related proteins. However, physiological cues and molecular mechanisms for AB polarization of single normal epithelial cells are unclear. When intestinal epithelial cells 6 (IEC6 cells) were seeded on basement membrane proteins (Matrigel), single cells formed an F-actin cap on the upper cell surface, where apical markers accumulated, and a basolateral marker was localized to the rest of the cell surface region, in a Wnt5a signaling-dependent manner. However, these phenotypes were not induced by type I collagen. Rac1 activity in the noncap region was higher than that in the cap region, whereas Rho activity increased toward the cap region. Wnt5a signaling activated and inhibited Rac1 and RhoA, respectively, independently through Tiam1 and p190RhoGAP-A, which formed a tertiary complex with Dishevelled. Furthermore, Wnt5a signaling through Rac1 and RhoA was required for cystogenesis of IEC6 cells. These results suggest that Wnt5a promotes the AB polarization of IEC6 cells through regulation of Rac and Rho activities in a manner dependent on adhesion to specific extracellular matrix proteins.
Volume 24(23)
Pages 3764-74
Published 2013-12-1
DOI 10.1091/mbc.E13-07-0357
PII mbc.E13-07-0357
PMID 24088568
PMC PMC3843002
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IF 3.791
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