RRC ID 70474
Author Wakiya M, Nishi E, Kawai S, Yamada K, Katsumata K, Hirayasu A, Itabashi Y, Yamamoto A.
Title Chiasmata and the kinetochore component Dam1 are crucial for elimination of erroneous chromosome attachments and centromere oscillation at meiosis I.
Journal Open Biol
Abstract Establishment of proper chromosome attachments to the spindle requires elimination of erroneous attachments, but the mechanism of this process is not fully understood. During meiosis I, sister chromatids attach to the same spindle pole (mono-oriented attachment), whereas homologous chromosomes attach to opposite poles (bi-oriented attachment), resulting in homologous chromosome segregation. Here, we show that chiasmata that link homologous chromosomes and kinetochore component Dam1 are crucial for elimination of erroneous attachments and oscillation of centromeres between the spindle poles at meiosis I in fission yeast. In chiasma-forming cells, Mad2 and Aurora B kinase, which provides time for attachment correction and destabilizes erroneous attachments, respectively, caused elimination of bi-oriented attachments of sister chromatids, whereas in chiasma-lacking cells, they caused elimination of mono-oriented attachments. In chiasma-forming cells, in addition, homologous centromere oscillation was coordinated. Furthermore, Dam1 contributed to attachment elimination in both chiasma-forming and chiasma-lacking cells, and drove centromere oscillation. These results demonstrate that chiasmata alter attachment correction patterns by enabling error correction factors to eliminate bi-oriented attachment of sister chromatids, and suggest that Dam1 induces elimination of erroneous attachments. The coincidental contribution of chiasmata and Dam1 to centromere oscillation also suggests a potential link between centromere oscillation and attachment elimination.
Volume 11(2)
Pages 200308
Published 2021-2-1
DOI 10.1098/rsob.200308
PMID 33529549
PMC PMC8061696
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IF 4.931
Yeast FY20781, FY13783