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Human and Animal Cells KUP5(RCB4627) Unraveling the role of Intralipid in suppressing off-target delivery and augmenting the therapeutic effects of anticancer nanomedicines.
Human and Animal Cells OV2944-HM-1(RCB1483) Cancer Cell Coating Nanoparticles for Optimal Tumor-Specific Cytokine Delivery.
Human and Animal Cells HeLa S3 , A549 , PC-3 Synthetic prodrug design enables biocatalytic activation in mice to elicit tumor growth suppression.
Human and Animal Cells HCE-T(RCB2280) DNA-Based Hybrid Hydrogels Sustain Water-Insoluble Ophthalmic Therapeutic Delivery against Allergic Conjunctivitis.
Human and Animal Cells murine melanoma Lyotropic liquid crystal-based transcutaneous peptide delivery system: Evaluation of skin permeability and potential for transcutaneous vaccination.
Human and Animal Cells B16F10(RCB2630) Development and characterization of gel-in-water nanoemulsion as a novel drug delivery system.
Human and Animal Cells L929(RCB1451) Novel hydrophobically modified agarose cryogels fabricated using dimethyl sulfoxide.
Human and Animal Cells Y79(RCB1645) Carboplatin- and Etoposide-Loaded Lactoferrin Protein Nanoparticles for Targeting Cancer Stem Cells in Retinoblastoma In Vitro.
Human and Animal Cells A549(RCB0098) Gel-in-water nanodispersion for potential application in intravenous delivery of anticancer drugs.
Human and Animal Cells Hep G2(RCB1886) Identification of a New Type of Covalent PPARγ Agonist using a Ligand-Linking Strategy.
Human and Animal Cells HCE-T(RCB2280) Cellular uptake of coumarin-6 under microfluidic conditions into HCE-T cells from nanoscale formulations.
Mice RBRC01544 Signal-regulatory protein alpha is an anti-viral entry factor targeting viruses using endocytic pathways.
Human and Animal Cells MKN45(RCB1001) Theranostic Photosensitive Nanoparticles for Lymph Node Metastasis of Gastric Cancer.
Human and Animal Cells Hep G2(RCB1886) Multiscale Live Imaging Using Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) for Evaluating the Biological Behavior of Nanoparticles as Drug Carriers.
Human and Animal Cells MC3T3-E1(RCB1126) Poly(vinyl alcohol)/halloysite nanotubes bionanocomposite films: Properties and in vitro osteoblasts and fibroblasts response.
Human and Animal Cells Colon-26(RCB2657) Evaluation of a combination tumor treatment using thermo-triggered liposomal drug delivery and carbon ion irradiation.
Human and Animal Cells HCE-T(RCB2280) Cytochrome P450 Activity in Ex Vivo Cornea Models and a Human Cornea Construct.
Human and Animal Cells A549(RCB0098) Calcium phosphate-based organic-inorganic hybrid nanocarriers with pH-responsive on/off switch for photodynamic therapy.
Human and Animal Cells HeLa , A549 A hepatitis B virus-derived human hepatic cell-specific heparin-binding peptide: identification and application to a drug delivery system.
Human and Animal Cells KUP5(RCB4627) Use of Polymeric Nanoparticle Platform Targeting the Liver To Induce Treg-Mediated Antigen-Specific Immune Tolerance in a Pulmonary Allergen Sensitization Model.