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Human and Animal Cells 293T(RCB2202) Globo-series glycosphingolipids enhance Toll-like receptor 4-mediated inflammation and play a pathophysiological role in diabetic nephropathy.
Human and Animal Cells Integrin-mediated signaling induced by simian virus 40 leads to transient uncoupling of cortical actin and the plasma membrane.
Human and Animal Cells Functional expression of CD4, CXCR4, and CCR5 in glycosphingolipid-deficient mouse melanoma GM95 cells and susceptibility to HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein-triggered membrane fusion.
DNA material pENTR/A4GALT (RDB14006) , pcDNA3/B3GNT5 (RDB14008) , pGEM-T/ST3GAL5 (RDB14007) , pENTR/B4GALNT1 (RDB14009) , pENTR/B3GALT5 (RDB14010) , pENTR/FUT1 (RDB14011) , pENTR/FUT2 (RDB14012). Glycolipid dynamics in generation and differentiation of induced pluripotent stem cells.
Human and Animal Cells GM95 (RCB1026) MEB4 (RCB1027) Hyperacidification of trans-Golgi network and endo/lysosomes in melanocytes by glucosylceramide-dependent V-ATPase activity.
Human and Animal Cells Identification and expression of a sialyltransferase responsible for the synthesis of disialylgalactosylgloboside in normal and malignant kidney cells: downregulation of ST6GalNAc VI in renal cancers.