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Species Resource
Algae NIES-2140 Analysis of the complete plastid genome of the unicellular red alga Porphyridium purpureum.
Silkworms ? The Bmdsx transgene including trimmed introns is sex-specifically spliced in tissues of the silkworm, Bombyx mori.
Wheat KU-199-11 , KU-105 , KU-3636 , KU-101-2 , KU-101-3 , KU-103 , KU-1-2 , KU-1-3 , KU-2-4 , KU-2-5 , ... Intragenic diversity and functional conservation of the three homoeologous loci of the KN1-type homeobox gene Wknox1 in common wheat.
Human and Animal Cells A549 E2FBP1/DRIL1, an AT-rich interaction domain-family transcription factor, is regulated by p53.
Human and Animal Cells Compound heterozygosity with two novel mutations in the HEXB gene produces adult Sandhoff disease presenting as a motor neuron disease phenotype.
Human and Animal Cells Novel alternative promoters of mouse glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor gene.
C.elegans The surveillance of pre-mRNA splicing is an early step in C. elegans RNAi of endogenous genes.
Cellular slime molds G01361 Class I release factors in ciliates with variant genetic codes.
DNA material Mouse P-cadherin full length cDNA (RDB01185). Genomic organization and chromosomal mapping of the mouse P-cadherin gene.
Chicken / Quail Primary analysis of DNA polymorphisms in the TRIM region (MHC subregion) of the Japanese quail, Coturnix japonica.
Rice Induced mutation lines Direct control of shoot meristem activity by a cytokinin-activating enzyme.
Yeast FY648 , FY711 , FY15720 , FY14209 , Nuf2-RFP The intron in centromeric noncoding RNA facilitates RNAi-mediated formation of heterochromatin.
Algae NIES-2662 , NIES-2742 The New Red Algal Subphylum Proteorhodophytina Comprises the Largest and Most Divergent Plastid Genomes Known.
DNA material pREP1-dg long (RDB15419) , pREP1-5'long (RDB15420) , pREP1-dg -1 (RDB15421) , pREP1-dg -2 (RDB15422) , pREP1-dg -3 (RDB15423) , pREP1-dg -4 (RDB15424) , pREP1-Short (RDB15425) , pREP1-5'long (g10in) (RDB15426) , pREP1-5'long (g10in-A) (RDB15427) , pREP1-5'long (g10in-B) (RDB15428) , ... The intron in centromeric noncoding RNA facilitates RNAi-mediated formation of heterochromatin.
C.elegans tm3456 The Caenorhabditis elegans gene mfap-1 encodes a nuclear protein that affects alternative splicing.
Human and Animal Cells Identification of an epigenetically silenced gene, RFX1, in human glioma cells using restriction landmark genomic scanning.
Algae NIES-486 Taxonomy of Nephroselmis viridis sp. nov. (Nephroselmidophyceae, Chlorophyta), a sister marine species to freshwater N. olivacea.
Wheat KU-2010 , KU-2012 , KU-2016 , KU-2018 , KU-2022 , KU-2025 , KU-2027 , KU-2028 , KU-2032 , KU-2035 , ... Identification of a large deletion in the first intron of the Vrn-D1 locus, associated with loss of vernalization requirement in wild wheat progenitor Aegilops tauschii Coss.
DNA material , Rats Rat BAC RNB1-043O06 , Rat BAC RNB2-482C01 , ACI/Nkyo(strainID=6) , WTC/Kyo(strainID=18) , BN/SsNSlc(strainID=371) , TM/Kyo(strainID=10) , GRY/Idr(strainID=498) , DA/Slc(strainID=380) , IS/Kyo(strainID=5) , F344/NSlc(strainID=379) Origins of albino and hooded rats: implications from molecular genetic analysis across modern laboratory rat strains.
Mice B6.Cg-Foxn1<nu>/Nrs(RBRC03120) Intronic regulation of Aire expression by Jmjd6 for self-tolerance induction in the thymus.