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Human and Animal Cells THP-1(RCB1189) , LLC(RCB0558) Zn- and Mg- containing tricalcium phosphates-based adjuvants for cancer immunotherapy.
Human and Animal Cells PC-12(RCB0009) Newly developed Mg2+-selective fluorescent probe enables visualization of Mg2+ dynamics in mitochondria.
Silkworms f38 Expression and Purification of Vaccinia Virus DNA Topoisomerase IB Produced in the Silkworm-Baculovirus Expression System.
Human and Animal Cells RAW 264(RCB0535) Effect of macrophages on in vitro corrosion behavior of magnesium alloy.
Human and Animal Cells 201B7(HPS0063) , 253G1(HPS0002) Enzyme-free passage of human pluripotent stem cells by controlling divalent cations.
General Microbes JCM 1217 Lacto-N-biosidase encoded by a novel gene of Bifidobacterium longum subspecies longum shows unique substrate specificity and requires a designated chaperone for its active expression.
Human and Animal Cells WI-38(RCB0704) Polyamine transport by mammalian cells and mitochondria: role of antizyme and glycosaminoglycans.
Silkworms ? Crystal structure of the endonuclease domain encoded by the telomere-specific long interspersed nuclear element, TRAS1.