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C.elegans tm1770 , tm1700 Juggling cadmium detoxification and zinc homeostasis: A division of labour between the two C. elegans metallothioneins.
Pathogenic bacteria V. parahaemolyticus ZrgA contributes to zinc acquisition in Vibrio parahaemolyticus.
C.elegans tm2182 , tm1011 , tm331 , tm420 Orsay Virus Infection of Caenorhabditis elegans Is Modulated by Zinc and Dependent on Lipids.
C.elegans tm1108 A pair of transporters controls mitochondrial Zn2+ levels to maintain mitochondrial homeostasis.
C.elegans tm6523 , tm6669 , tm788 The role of cation diffusion facilitator CDF-1 in lipid metabolism in Caenorhabditis elegans.
Prokaryotes E. coli JW3261-KC , JW4161-KC , JW4161-KC , JW3907-KC , JW1075-KC , JW1707-KC , JW4158-KC , JW0022-KC , JW3460-KC , JW5533-KC , ... Knockout of ribosomal protein RpmJ leads to zinc resistance in Escherichia coli
Lotus / Glycine Miyakojima MG-20 , Gifu B-129 Characterization of zinc uptake and translocation visualized with positron-emitting 65Zn tracer and analysis of transport-related gene expression in two Lotus japonicus accessions
Human and Animal Cells A549(RCB0098) High-Affinity Ratiometric Fluorescence Probe Based on 6-Amino-2,2'-Bipyridine Scaffold for Endogenous Zn2+ and Its Application to Living Cells.
Drosophila DGRC#113094 A distinctive sequence motif in the fourth transmembrane domain confers ZIP13 iron function in Drosophila melanogaster.
Human and Animal Cells PC-12(RCB0009) Changes in intracellular copper concentration and copper-regulating gene expression after PC12 differentiation into neurons.
C.elegans tm788 Histidine protects against zinc and nickel toxicity in Caenorhabditis elegans.
Human and Animal Cells COS-1(RCB0143) Acid sphingomyelinase: relation of 93lysine residue on the ratio of intracellular to secreted enzyme activity.
Human and Animal Cells KG-1-C(RCB0270) Eight-residue Abeta peptides inhibit the aggregation and enzymatic activity of Abeta42.
Human and Animal Cells RGM1(RCB0876) Protection by polaprezinc, an anti-ulcer drug, against indomethacin-induced apoptosis in rat gastric mucosal cells.
DNA material , General Microbes Genomic DNA of Clostridium histolyticum JCM 1403T (JGD08942) High-speed atomic force microscopy reveals strongly polarized movement of clostridial collagenase along collagen fibrils.
DNA material Slac2-a (RDB03422) Novel splicing isoforms of synaptotagmin-like proteins 2 and 3: identification of the Slp homology domain.
Human and Animal Cells RAW 264(RCB0535) Design and synthesis of coumarin-based Zn(2+) probes for ratiometric fluorescence imaging.
Drosophila 2020-GAL4 and 6219-GAL4 no pdf available Overexpression of metal-responsive transcription factor (MTF-1) in Drosophila melanogaster ameliorates life-span reductions associated with oxidative stress and metal toxicity.
Human and Animal Cells HeLa(RCB0007) Human tryptophanyl-tRNA synthetase binds with heme to enhance its aminoacylation activity.
C.elegans tm1415 Crystal structure of CRN-4: implications for domain function in apoptotic DNA degradation.