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Mice RBRC02759 , RBRC02975 Early AMD-like defects in the RPE and retinal degeneration in aged mice with RPE-specific deletion of Atg5 or Atg7.
Mice RBRC04952 Optimized Culture System to Induce Neurite Outgrowth From Retinal Ganglion Cells in Three-Dimensional Retinal Aggregates Differentiated From Mouse and Human Embryonic Stem Cells.
Mice RBRC00267 Functional lacrimal gland regeneration by transplantation of a bioengineered organ germ.
Mice RBRC01099 Modulation of angiogenesis by genetic manipulation of ATF4 in mouse model of oxygen-induced retinopathy [corrected].
Mice RBRC00422 Hereditary cataract of the Nakano mouse: Involvement of a hypomorphic mutation in the coproporphyrinogen oxidase gene.
Mice RBRC01099 ER stress is involved in T17M rhodopsin-induced retinal degeneration.
Mice RBRC00267 Suppression of choroidal neovascularization and quantitative and qualitative inhibition of VEGF and CCL2 by heparin.
Mice RBRC00267 The roles of vitreal macrophages and circulating leukocytes in retinal neovascularization.
Mice RBRC00209 , RBRC00423 , RBRC00432 Mutation of Dock5, a member of the guanine exchange factor Dock180 superfamily, in the rupture of lens cataract mouse.
Mice RBRC00422 Genetic analysis of Nakano Cataract and its modifier genes in mice.