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Rice W1822 , W0610 , W0170 , W0106 , W1681 , W1983 , W1987 , W0630 , W1551 , W1690 , ... Phylogenetic analysis of Oryza rufipogon strains and their relations to Oryza sativa strains by insertion polymorphism of rice SINEs.
Rice W0106 , W0120 , W1294 , W1866 , W1921 , W2003 , W1588 , W1169 , W2145 , W2199 , ... Diversity of panicle branching patterns in wild relatives of rice.
Rice W0106 , W0630 , W0120. W1945 , W1236 , W2078 , W2099 , W2109 , W2119 , W2110 , W1297 , ... Identification and characterization of Australian wild rice strains of Oryza meridionalis and Oryza rufipogon by SINE insertion polymorphism.
Rice W0630 QTL analysis for flowering time using backcross population between Oryza sativa Nipponbare and O. rufipogon.
Rice W0630 Allelic interaction at seed-shattering loci in the genetic backgrounds of wild and cultivated rice species.
Rice W0630 Development of backcross recombinant inbred lines between Oryza sativa Nipponbare and O. rufipogon and QTL detection on drought tolerance
Rice W0101 , W0102 , W0103 , W0106 , W0107 , W0108 , W0120 , W0121 , W0123 , W0124 , ... A map of rice genome variation reveals the origin of cultivated rice.
Rice , INFORMATION W0106 , W0107 , W0108 , W0137 , W0574 , W0593 , W0610 , W0630 , W1294 , W1551 , ... Artificial selection for a green revolution gene during japonica rice domestication.
Rice W0630 Estimation of the outcrossing rate for annual Asian wild rice under field conditions.
Arabidopsis / Cultured plant cells, genes , Rice rpd00105 , W0630 OsLG1 regulates a closed panicle trait in domesticated rice.
Rice W0630 Detection of a novel locus involved in non‑seed‑shattering behaviour of Japonica rice cultivar, Oryza sativa ‘Nipponbare’
Rice W0630 Domestication Loci Controlling Panicle Shape, Seed Shattering, and Seed Awning
Rice W0630 イネの栽培化関連形質の評価: 植物遺伝学と考古植物学との融和研究 Evaluation of the domesticationrelated traits in rice: plant genetics meets archaeobotany
Rice W0630 Effect of quantitative trait loci for seed shattering on abscission layer formation in Asian wild rice Oryza rufipogon.
Rice W0106 , W0120 , W0157 , W0574 , W0593 , W0630 , W1294 , W1666 , W1715 , W1807 , ... Natural variation of the RICE FLOWERING LOCUS T 1 contributes to flowering time divergence in rice.
Rice W0630 , W0720 , W1169 , W1627 , W0008 , W1514 Physiological and molecular characterization of Si uptake in wild rice species.
Rice W0630 Inhibition of abscission layer formation by an interaction of two seed-shattering loci, sh4 and qSH3, in rice.
Rice W0630 Gene interaction at seed-awning loci in the genetic background of wild rice
Rice W0630 Evaluation of shooting and rooting ability from nodes and ratooning ability using backcross recombinant inbred lines between Oryza rufipogon and O. sativa
Rice W0630 Identification of Quantitative Trait Loci Controlling Floral Morphology of Rice Using a Backcross Population between Common Cultivated Rice, Oryza sativa and Asian Wild Rice, O. rufipogon