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Wheat LPGKU0058 , LPGKU2016 Genome sequencing-based coverage analyses facilitate high-resolution detection of deletions linked to phenotypes of gamma-irradiated wheat mutants.
Wheat KU-108–1 , KU-108–4 , KU-108–5 , KU-8808 , KU-8810 , KU-8814 , KU-8815 , KU-14474 , KU-14532 Harnessing the diversity of wild emmer wheat for genetic improvement of durum wheat.
Wheat Efficient anchoring of alien chromosome segments introgressed into bread wheat by new Leymus racemosus genome-based markers.
Wheat KU-2076 , KU-199-1 , LPGKU2305 , LPGKU2306 , LPGKU2307 , LPGKU2308 , LPGKU2309 , LPGKU2310 , LPGKU2311 , LPGKU2312 , ... An Affordable Image-Analysis Platform to Accelerate Stomatal Phenotyping During Microscopic Observation.
Wheat cv. Fielder Chromosome-scale genome assembly of the transformation-amenable common wheat cultivar 'Fielder'.
Wheat LPGKU2305 De Novo Genome Assembly of the Japanese Wheat Cultivar Norin 61 Highlights Functional Variation in Flowering Time and Fusarium-Resistant Genes in East Asian Genotypes.
Wheat KU-111 , KU-4541 , KU-185 , KU-186 , KU-145 , KU-4580 , KU-137 , KU-146 , KU-9882 , KU-138 , ... Reproductive and genetic roles of the maternal progenitor in the origin of common wheat (Triticum aestivum L.).
Wheat Fielder Protocol for Genome Editing to Produce Multiple Mutants in Wheat.
Wheat 種子、パンコムギ、Strain ID: KT020-061 A transgenic approach to controlling wheat seed dormancy level by using Triticeae DOG1-like genes.
Wheat core collection Variations in radioactive cesium accumulation in wheat germplasm from fields affected by the 2011 Fukushima nuclear power plant accident.
Wheat cv. Fielder Genome-Edited Triple-Recessive Mutation Alters Seed Dormancy in Wheat.
Wheat KU-122 , KU-491 , KU-494 , KU-495 , KU-496 , KU-3723 , KU-113 , KU-120 , KU-462 , KU-10503 The early flowering trait of an emmer wheat accession (Triticum turgidum L. ssp. dicoccum) is associated with the cis-element of the Vrn-A3 locus.
Wheat KT020-061 Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) transformation using immature embryos.
Wheat KU-8939 , KU-S-4309 , KU-6-1 , KU-6-2 , KU-20-10 , KU-7856 , KU-5786 , KU-4-1 , KU-5-2 , KU-14655 Unleashing floret fertility in wheat through the mutation of a homeobox gene.
Wheat Full length cDNA Tuning water-use efficiency and drought tolerance in wheat using abscisic acid receptors.
Wheat KU-2932 , KU-12701 , KU-12180 , KU-12186 , KU-12189 , KU-12190 , KU-12198 , KU-4109 , KU-4001 , KU-4006 Hybrid incompatibilities in interspecific crosses between tetraploid wheat and its wild diploid relative Aegilops umbellulata.
Wheat KU-2003 , KU-2124 Genetic mapping reveals a dominant awn-inhibiting gene related to differentiation of the variety anathera in the wild diploid wheat Aegilops tauschii.
Wheat Genetic mapping of a novel recessive allele for non-glaucousness in wild diploid wheat Aegilops tauschii: implications for the evolution of common wheat.
Wheat KU-4017 , KU-4026 , KU-4035 , KU-4043 , KU-4052 , KU-4103 , KU-5934 , KU-5954 , KU-8-7 , KU-12180 RNA-seq analysis reveals considerable genetic diversity and provides genetic markers saturating all chromosomes in the diploid wild wheat relative Aegilops umbellulata.
Wheat KU-2075 , KU-2025 RNA Sequencing-Based Bulked Segregant Analysis Facilitates Efficient D-genome Marker Development for a Specific Chromosomal Region of Synthetic Hexaploid Wheat.