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Rats PVG/Seac (StrainID=113) , ACI/NKyo (StrainID=6) Supercritical carbon dioxide-decellularized arteries exhibit physiologic-like vessel regeneration following xenotransplantation in rats.
Rats ACI/NKyo (StrainID=6) , PVG/Seac (StrainID=113) Far-Infrared Therapy Decreases Orthotopic Allograft Transplantation Vasculopathy.
Rats PVG/Seac (StrainID=113) , ACI/NKyo (StrainID=6) Dipeptidyl Peptidase-4 Inhibitor Decreases Allograft Vasculopathy Via Regulating the Functions of Endothelial Progenitor Cells in Normoglycemic Rats.
Rats PVG/Seac(strainID=113) Immunological and regenerative aspects of hepatic mast cells in liver allograft rejection and tolerance.
Rats Experimental and clinical significance of antinuclear antibodies in liver transplantation.
Rats PVG/Seac(strainID=113) Involvement of autoimmunity against nuclear histone H1 in liver transplantation tolerance.
Rats PVG/Seac(strainID=113) The immunological role of lipid transfer/metabolic proteins in liver transplantation tolerance.
Rats Characterization of immunosuppressive factors expressed in serum by rat tolerogenic liver transplantation.
Rats The effects of anti-histone H1 antibody on immune cells responsible for rejection reaction.