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Rats National BioResource Project- Rat (http://www.anim.med.kyoto-u.ac.jp/nbr/) and PhenoMiner tool of the Rat Genome Database (http://rgd.mcw.edu/rgdweb/search/qtls.html?100) An evolutionarily-conserved promoter allele governs HMG-CoA reductase expression in spontaneously hypertensive rat.
Rats W-Tg(Slc32a1-YFP*)1Yyan (StrainID=905) An update to Hippocampome.org by integrating single-cell phenotypes with circuit function in vivo.
Rats WIC-Tgrdw/Kts (StrainID=193) Thyroid hormone synthesis continues despite biallelic thyroglobulin mutation with cell death.
Rats W-Tg(CAG-GFP)184Ys (StrainID=525) Intravenous infusion of mesenchymal stem cells delays disease progression in the SOD1G93A transgenic amyotrophic lateral sclerosis rat model.
Rats W-Tg (Thy1-COP4/YFP*) 4Jfhy (StrainID=1072) Physical disuse contributes to widespread chronic mechanical hyperalgesia, tactile allodynia, and cold allodynia through neurogenic inflammation and spino-parabrachio-amygdaloid pathway activation.
Rats F344-Il2rgem7Kyo (StrainID=1099) Intramyocardial Transplantation of Human iPS Cell–Derived Cardiac Spheroids Improves Cardiac Function in Heart Failure Animals
Rats LEW-Tg(Gt(ROSA)26Sor-luc)11Jmsk (StrainID=649) Bioluminescence Imaging In Vivo Confirms the Viability of Pancreatic Islets Transplanted into the Greater Omentum.
Rats W-Tg(S100b-EGFP)Scell (StrainID=673) Microbial community changes in a female rat model of Rett syndrome.
Rats F344/Stm (StrainID=266) Deficiency of the RIβ subunit of protein kinase A causes body tremor and impaired fear conditioning memory in rats.
Rats W-Tg(Thy1-COP4/YFP*)4Jfhy (StrainID=1072) A subset of spinal dorsal horn interneurons crucial for gating touch-evoked pain-like behavior.
Rats W-Tg(CAG-GFP)184Ys (StrainID=525) Intravenous delivery of mesenchymal stem cells protects both white and gray matter in spinal cord ischemia.
Rats ACI/NKyo (StrainID=6) Suppression of liver transplant rejection by anti-donor MHC antibodies via□ depletion of donor immunogenic dendritic cells.
Rats ACI/NKyo (StrainID=6) Novel Targeting to XCR1+ Dendritic Cells Using Allogeneic T Cells for Polytopical Antibody Responses in the Lymph Nodes.
Rats NER/Kyo (StrainID=26) , F344/Stm (StrainID=266) PHF24 is expressed in the inhibitory interneurons in rats.
Rats GRY/Idr (StrainID=498) Poor mother-offspring relationships in rats with Cacna1a mutation.
Rats GRY/Idr (StrainID=498) , F344-Scn1am1Kyo (StrainID=716) Scn1a and Cacna1a mutations mutually alter their original phenotypes in rats.
Rats , Human and Animal Cells F344/Stm (strainID=266) , ATDC5(RCB0565) Is C-type natriuretic peptide regulated by a feedback loop? A study on systemic and local autoregulatory effect.
Rats IS/Kyo (StrainID=5) Upregulated miR-224-5p suppresses osteoblast differentiation by increasing the expression of Pai-1 in the lumbar spine of a rat model of congenital kyphoscoliosis.
Rats PVG/Seac (StrainID=113) , ACI/NKyo (StrainID=6) Dipeptidyl Peptidase-4 Inhibitor Decreases Allograft Vasculopathy Via Regulating the Functions of Endothelial Progenitor Cells in Normoglycemic Rats.
Rats W-Tg(Thy1-COP4/YFP*)4Jfhy (StrainID=1072) Soft Printable Electrode Coating for Neural Interfaces