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Zebrafish RIKEN WT Cytochrome P450 Expression and Chemical Metabolic Activity before Full Liver Development in Zebrafish.
Zebrafish RIKEN WT Effects of anti-osteoporosis drugs against dexamethasone-induced osteoporosis-like phenotype using a zebrafish scale-regeneration model.
Zebrafish polr2d / agu8 RNA polymerase II subunit D is essential for zebrafish development.
Zebrafish Tg(aldoca:BoTx-GFP) Functionally distinct Purkinje cell types show temporal precision in encoding locomotion.
Zebrafish Tg(isl1:GFP)rw0 Exosc2 deficiency leads to developmental disorders by causing a nucleotide pool imbalance in zebrafish.
Zebrafish RIKEN WT Effects of punishing target response during extinction on resurgence and renewal in zebrafish (Danio rerio).
Zebrafish RIKEN WT Py3-FITC: a new fluorescent probe for live cell imaging of collagen-rich tissues and ionocytes.
Zebrafish RIKEN WT IMU1003, an atrarate derivative, inhibits Wnt/β-catenin signaling.
Zebrafish RIKEN WT, Tg(sox17:EGFP) Light-sheet microscopy-based 3D single-cell tracking reveals a correlation between cell cycle and the start of endoderm cell internalization in early zebrafish development.
Zebrafish Tg(fli1a:Myr-mCherry)ncv1 Glycine exerts dose-dependent biphasic effects on vascular development of zebrafish embryos.
Zebrafish Tg(fli1a:Myr-mCherry)ncv1 The role of PI3K/Akt/mTOR signaling in dose-dependent biphasic effects of glycine on vascular development.
Zebrafish RIKEN WT Chemical-Induced Cleft Palate Is Caused and Rescued by Pharmacological Modulation of the Canonical Wnt Signaling Pathway in a Zebrafish Model.
Zebrafish RIKEN WT Synaptic silencing of fast muscle is compensated by rewired innervation of slow muscle.
Zebrafish RIKEN WT Ninjinyoeito improves anxiety behavior in neuropeptide Y deficient zebrafish.
Zebrafish RIKEN WT Establishment and characterization of Neu1-knockout zebrafish and its abnormal clinical phenotypes.
Zebrafish Tg(isl1:GFP)rw0 Dpysl2 (CRMP2) is required for the migration of facial branchiomotor neurons in the developing zebrafish embryo.
Zebrafish Illuminating ALS Motor Neurons With Optogenetics in Zebrafish.
Zebrafish Multi-phaseted problems of TDP-43 in selective neuronal vulnerability in ALS.
Zebrafish SAGFF(LF)217B, Tg(UAS:GFP) The enteric nervous system in zebrafish larvae can regenerate via migration into the ablated area and proliferation of neural crest-derived cells.
Zebrafish gSAGFF279A, Tg(UAS:GFP) Non-thalamic origin of zebrafish sensory nuclei implies convergent evolution of visual pathways in amniotes and teleosts.