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Author Inaki M, Kojima T, Ueda R, Saigo K.
Title Requirements of high levels of Hedgehog signaling activity for medial-region cell fate determination in Drosophila legs: identification of pxb, a putative Hedgehog signaling attenuator gene repressed along the anterior-posterior compartment boundary.
Journal Mech Dev
Abstract We show that high levels of Hedgehog signaling activity are essential for medial-region patterning in Drosophila legs. In mid-to-late third instar leg discs, high levels of Hedgehog signals repress the transcription of pxb, a newly identified gene encoding a transmembrane protein expressed specifically in the anterior compartment. Misexpression experiments indicate that Pxb may serve as a Hedgehog signaling attenuator capable of acting prior to Hedgehog-Patched interactions, suggesting that Hedgehog signaling in leg discs includes a pxb-repression-mediated positive feedback loop. RNA interference and clonal analysis show that neither Wingless nor Decapentaplegic signaling is required for pxb repression but high levels of Wingless signaling activity are essential for patterning in the leg ventral medial region.
Volume 116(1-2)
Pages 3-18
Published 2002-8-1
DOI 10.1016/s0925-4773(02)00119-3
PII S0925477302001193
PMID 12128201
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