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Author Shuai Y, Hirokawa A, Ai Y, Zhang M, Li W, Zhong Y.
Title Dissecting neural pathways for forgetting in Drosophila olfactory aversive memory.
Journal Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
Abstract Recent studies have identified molecular pathways driving forgetting and supported the notion that forgetting is a biologically active process. The circuit mechanisms of forgetting, however, remain largely unknown. Here we report two sets of Drosophila neurons that account for the rapid forgetting of early olfactory aversive memory. We show that inactivating these neurons inhibits memory decay without altering learning, whereas activating them promotes forgetting. These neurons, including a cluster of dopaminergic neurons (PAM-β'1) and a pair of glutamatergic neurons (MBON-γ4>γ1γ2), terminate in distinct subdomains in the mushroom body and represent parallel neural pathways for regulating forgetting. Interestingly, although activity of these neurons is required for memory decay over time, they are not required for acute forgetting during reversal learning. Our results thus not only establish the presence of multiple neural pathways for forgetting in Drosophila but also suggest the existence of diverse circuit mechanisms of forgetting in different contexts.
Volume 112(48)
Pages E6663-72
Published 2015-12-1
DOI 10.1073/pnas.1512792112
PII 1512792112
PMID 26627257
PMC PMC4672816
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