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Silkworms Analysis of Odor-Tracking Performance of Silk Moth Using a Sensory-Motor Intervention System.
Mice RBRC05454 Optical manipulation of local cerebral blood flow in the deep brain of freely moving mice.
Mice RBRC06344 A fully automated home cage for long-term continuous phenotyping of mouse cognition and behavior.
C.elegans tm2557 Synapsin Is Required for Dense Core Vesicle Capture and cAMP-Dependent Neuropeptide Release.
Zebrafish hspGFFDMC130A , hspGFF62A A Forward Genetic Screen in Zebrafish Identifies the G-Protein-Coupled Receptor CaSR as a Modulator of Sensorimotor Decision Making.
Zebrafish hspGFFDMC130A A genome-wide screen identifies PAPP-AA-mediated IGFR signaling as a novel regulator of habituation learning.
Zebrafish SAGFF(LF)36B, UAS:ChRWR-EGFP Position- and quantity-dependent responses in zebrafish turning behavior.
Zebrafish Tg(narp:GALVP16) , Tg(UAS:TeNT) , Tg(brn3a-hsp70:GFP) , Tg(gpr151:GAL4VP16) , Tg(brn3a-hsp70:GFP-Cre) , Tg(UAS:loxP-DsRed-loxP-GFP-TeNT) Zebrafish Tools for Deciphering Habenular Network-Linked Mental Disorders.
Zebrafish Tg(gad1b:|R|-GFP) , UAS:GCaMP6s Social isolation modulates appetite and avoidance behavior via a common oxytocinergic circuit in larval zebrafish.
Drosophila 11144R-3 Downregulation of glial genes involved in synaptic function mitigates Huntington's disease pathogenesis.
DNA material , Human and Animal Cells pGEM-scFv-T7-A36 (RDB19420) , pGEM-scFv-GFPA36 (RDB19421) , pET-scFv-GFPA36 (RDB19422) , pIRES-scFv-GFPA36 (RDB19423) , pGEM-scFv-A36 mutant (M4) (RDB19424) , pGEM-scFv-GFPA36 mutant (M4) (RDB19425) , pGEM-s3Flag-scFv-A36 (RDB19426) , pGEM-s3Flag-scFv-M4 (RDB19427) , ER-scFv-A36-expressing vector (RDB19428) , 293T(RCB2202) , ... An ultra-stable cytoplasmic antibody engineered for in vivo applications.
Drosophila Fruitless and doublesex coordinate to generate male-specific neurons that can initiate courtship.
Human and Animal Cells PC-12(RCB0009) Toxicity of internalized polyalanine to cells depends on aggregation.
Human and Animal Cells MC3T3-G2/PA6(RCB1127) Therapeutic potential of human induced pluripotent stem cells in experimental stroke.
Rats W-Tg(CAG-GFP)184Ys (StrainID=525) Possible role of intravenous administration of mesenchymal stem cells to alleviate interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome in a Toll-like receptor-7 agonist-induced experimental animal model in rat.
Medaka OK-Cab (MT830) Gene disruption of medaka (Oryzias latipes) orthologue for mammalian tissue-type transglutaminase (TG2) causes movement retardation.
Zebrafish Left Habenula Mediates Light-Preference Behavior in Zebrafish via an Asymmetrical Visual Pathway.
Human and Animal Cells MRMT-1(RCB2860) Effects of Src-kinase inhibition in cancer-induced bone pain.
Zebrafish RIKEN WT A system for the real-time tracking of operant behavior as an application of 3D camera.
C.elegans tm4241 Neuronal SKN-1B modulates nutritional signalling pathways and mitochondrial networks to control satiety.