RRC ID 46724
Author Liu H, Nonomura KI.
Title A wide reprogramming of histone H3 modifications during male meiosis I in rice is dependent on the Argonaute protein MEL1.
Journal J Cell Sci
Abstract The roles of epigenetic mechanisms, including small-RNA-mediated silencing, in plant meiosis largely remain unclear, despite their importance in plant reproduction. This study unveiled that rice chromosomes are reprogrammed during the premeiosis-to-meiosis transition in pollen mother cells (PMCs). This large-scale meiotic chromosome reprogramming (LMR) continued throughout meiosis I, during which time H3K9 dimethylation (H3K9me2) was increased, and H3K9 acetylation and H3S10 phosphorylation were broadly decreased, with an accompanying immunostaining pattern shift of RNA polymerase II. LMR was dependent on the rice Argonaute protein, MEIOSIS ARRESTED AT LEPTOTENE1 (MEL1), which is specifically expressed in germ cells prior to meiosis, because LMR was severely diminished in mel1 mutant anthers. Pivotal meiotic events, such as pre-synaptic centromere association, DNA double-strand break initiation and synapsis of homologous chromosomes, were also disrupted in this mutant. Interestingly, and as opposed to the LMR loss in most chromosomal regions, aberrant meiotic protein loading and hypermethylation of H3K9 emerged on the nucleolar organizing region in the mel1 PMCs. These results suggest that MEL1 plays important roles in epigenetic LMR to promote faithful homologous recombination and synapsis during rice meiosis.
Volume 129(19)
Pages 3553-3561
Published 2016-10-1
DOI 10.1242/jcs.184937
PII jcs.184937
PMID 27521428
MeSH Argonaute Proteins / metabolism* Centromere / metabolism Chromatin / metabolism Chromosome Pairing / genetics DNA Breaks, Double-Stranded DNA, Ribosomal / genetics Histones / metabolism* Homologous Recombination / genetics Lysine / metabolism Meiosis* Mutation / genetics Oryza / cytology* Oryza / metabolism* Phosphorylation Plant Proteins / metabolism* Pollen / genetics Protein Processing, Post-Translational* RNA Polymerase II / metabolism Staining and Labeling
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Rice Sterile strain (STER-NIG0009) (MEL1)