RRC ID 47497
Author Yamaguchi A, Takanashi K.
Title FUS interacts with nuclear matrix-associated protein SAFB1 as well as Matrin3 to regulate splicing and ligand-mediated transcription.
Journal Sci Rep
Abstract FUS (Fused-in-Sarcoma) is a multifunctional DNA/RNA binding protein linked to familial amyotrophic lateral sclerosis/frontotemporal dementia (ALS/FTD). Since FUS is localized mainly in the nucleus with nucleo-cytoplasmic shuttling, it is critical to understand physiological functions in the nucleus to clarify pathogenesis. Here we report a yeast two-hybrid screening identified FUS interaction with nuclear matrix-associated protein SAFB1 (scaffold attachment factor B1). FUS and SAFB1, abundant in chromatin-bound fraction, interact in a DNA-dependent manner. N-terminal SAP domain of SAFB1, a DNA-binding motif, was required for its localization to chromatin-bound fraction and splicing regulation. In addition, depletion of SAFB1 reduced FUS's localization to chromatin-bound fraction and splicing activity, suggesting SAFB1 could tether FUS to chromatin compartment thorough N-terminal DNA-binding motif. FUS and SAFB1 also interact with Androgen Receptor (AR) regulating ligand-dependent transcription. Moreover, FUS interacts with another nuclear matrix-associated protein Matrin3, which is muted in a subset of familial ALS cases and reportedly interacts with TDP-43. Interestingly, ectopic ALS-linked FUS mutant sequestered endogenous Matrin3 and SAFB1 in the cytoplasmic aggregates. These findings indicate SAFB1 could be a FUS's functional platform in chromatin compartment to regulate RNA splicing and ligand-dependent transcription and shed light on the etiological significance of nuclear matrix-associated proteins in ALS pathogenesis.
Volume 6
Pages 35195
Published 2016-10-12
DOI 10.1038/srep35195
PII srep35195
PMID 27731383
PMC PMC5059712
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DNA material Genome Network Project Human cDNA IRAL001I24 (HGY080616)