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Author Fujisawa Y, Kosakamoto H, Chihara T, Miura M.
Title Non-apoptotic function of Drosophila caspase activation in epithelial thorax closure and wound healing.
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Abstract Non-apoptotic caspase activation involves multiple cellular events. However, the link between visible non-apoptotic caspase activation and its function in living organisms has not yet been revealed. Here, we visualized sub-lethal activation of apoptotic signaling with the combination of a sensitive indicator for caspase 3 activation and in vivo live-imaging analysis of Drosophila During thorax closure in pupal development, caspase 3 activation was specifically observed at the leading edge cells, with no signs of apoptosis. Inhibition of caspase activation led to an increase in thorax closing speed, which suggests a role of non-apoptotic caspase activity in cell motility. Importantly, sub-lethal activation of caspase 3 was also observed during wound closure at the fusion sites at which thorax closure had previously taken place. Further genetic analysis revealed that the activation of the initiator caspase Dronc is coupled with the generation of reactive oxygen species. The activation of Dronc also regulates myosin levels and delays wound healing. Our findings suggest a possible function for non-apoptotic caspase activation in the fine-tuning of cell migratory behavior during epithelial closure.
Volume 146(4)
Published 2019-2-15
DOI 10.1242/dev.169037
PII 146/4/dev169037
PMID 30770378
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